Our Beauty Editor Can’t Get Enough Of This New Chanel Serum

Skincare junkies are going to be blown away with this innovative new product from the French house. The Blue Serum is said to work on skin longevity, rather than just anti-ageing.

blue serum chanelSince I turned 25, I’ve been obsessed with anti-ageing. I know some people might think that’s a little too soon, but the sad truth is skin does start to go downhill from our mid-20s. Our complexion begins to look less luminous, pimples and dark spots take longer to go away and subtle fine lines begin to appear under our eyes or on our foreheads. And to prevent – or at least slow down – this onslaught, I’ve always made sure to include anti-ageing skincare in my regime.

However, Chanel’s new Blue Serum ($160) is having me rethink my entire perception. Rather than just combating ageing, this focuses on the principle of longevity, in that instead of fighting, one should care for and boost the overall health of our skin. Using data from studies carried out on 801 centenarians to understand the mechanisms that allow skin cells to remain fully functional longer, this serum focuses on four factors: cellular energy, metabolism, stress and communication.

A trio of active ingredients – green coffee from Costa Rica, olives from Sardinia and lentisk from Greece – reportedly improve cellular longevity and extend skin youthfulness by boosting skin’s energy supply, infusing it with essential nutrients, regulating stress and reactivating cellular exchanges. It was a conscious effort on the brand’s part to not heap dozens of ingredients into one formula, so only the most essential ones are kept. Another plus: a lower change of skin reactivity and irritation.

What I love about this is that it targets not signs of youthfulness such as skin density, tone and wrinkles, but also signs of health, like radiance, plumpness and a restful appearance, which is extremely important. After all, skin which may not have many visible flaws doesn’t equate to a fresh, glowing complexion.

A universal product, this can be used on all skin types and ages as a first step to your routine. It has the most gorgeous gel-emulsion texture that melts into skin and leaves it instantly softer and smoother.


Main image: Showbit.com

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