Be Wowed By These Extravagant Wedding Cakes

A thousand Swarovski crystals, entirely gold cakes, handcrafted sugar appliques... we talk to these patissiers on the most lavish confections they've created.



The Delights Heaven

“That would be our Enchanted Winter cake. The couple requested for a wintry feel, so I made each flower on the cake out of Swarovski crystals, and nearly 1000 crystal beads were used just for this. Putting the flowers together took about three days, and it was a painful process as I beaded the crystals one by one. The creation of the entire cake took five days to complete.”The Delights Heaven


“The cake had six tiers and an ‘Enchanted Forest’ theme. The bottom most tier was a tree trunk and the top five tiers were covered in sugar leaves and blossoms – over 1000 sugar blossoms all together. The entire cake was over 1.5m tall and we had to get an extra delivery truck to help us with the delivery.”Susucre

“It was an entirely gold cake with 11 tiers, and all the ingredients had to be natural and/or organic, while the design of the cake had to be romantic but majestic. The family also requested for a multi-flavoured cake – 22 naturals flavours in all with the same number of Swiss meringue buttercream flavours. We layered edible gold leaves from eight different suppliers in six countries as we felt that a monotonous gold shade would not have worked. The wedding was in Bali, and the venue had limited baking equipment, so we had to take a flight with all our freight boxes of fresh cakes and portable equipment and materials. But we loved the final result, which looked regal but with a chic Parisian vibe.”Mad About Sucre

“It was a dark bitter chocolate cake with cherries that was enough for about 1000 people. There had to be seven tiers as it was the bride’s lucky number, and had to be covered in white fondant roses. The fondant roses along took us 4 days to create, and the cake was well over 150kg. The wedding was to be held in Tonga, which was at least 12 hours away by air. And we realised the base tier of the cake wouldn’t fit into the door of their private jet! We had to recreate the shape of the cake, and fortunately the couple loved it.” Mezza9, Grand Hyatt Singapore

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