Here’s What You Should Be Looking Out For At Artbox Singapore

The local rendition of the renowned night market made famous in Bangkok has finally made its inaugural appearance in our city. With over 500 stalls and fairy light installations, here's what you should be looking out for at this creative pop-up market.

#1: The most Instagrammable wall to take your #OOTD shots at

聚集各種網美文青的市集🤡 #artbox #artboxsingapore #yoursingapore

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#2: These rainbow coloured drinks that are 10/10 Instagram-worthy

#TGIF! Here's our An Chan Orange in beautiful hues of purple and red 💜❤️ Thank you @rumbojumbo for the lovely pic! 🌺

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Instagram worthy drink

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#3: As well as these oh-so pretty treats

ARTBOX #artboxsingapore #singaporelife #familydayout

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#artboxsingapore #artbox #chatuchak #irwinleah @leahyhlee

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#4: These painted walls filled with pop art

… When was the last time, You did something for the first time?

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Precisely 👊🏼 haha definitely my favourite container at the event #artboxsingapore

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#5: And they even got one for the pets

#6: Look out for Honestbee’s chilled out mascot

Require medical assistance @_@#vscocam #vsco #artboxsingapore

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#7: And the retro inspired decor against the modern architectures

Artbox – lasted five minutes. #Nope

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Main image: @hvrrrris Instagram

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