Amazing Hotel Staycation Packages That Will Leave You Rejuvenated

A change is as good as a rest, but you get both with these mini getaways.


Staycations are always alluring. Even though you’re still in your home country, being in a completely different, and relaxed, environment changes your entire mindset. You can simply relax and step back from work, or perhaps play tourist in your own backyard, or even party hard knowing you have a plush large bed to fall into afterwards – and you don’t even need to make it the next morning. Win!

So really, a staycation is your little escapade, to rejuvenate before getting back to the daily grind. We think it’s the next best option from a holiday when you don’t have the luxury of time to travel.

Staycations are also more purse-friendly than jetting halfway across the globe, and what with no traveling time incurred…the process is relatively stress-free.

Itching for a staycation already? We’ve put together a list of staycation packages from hotels on our little red dot that you should check out. Ranging from couples packages to family deals, there’s definitely something for everyone.