The New Boho

High-waisted gown in saffron iridescent chiffon, $11,500, Hermes.



From Female - April 2008   


Gold Standard
Nearly every watchmaker has its own LBD of timepieces now. What they all have in common: A round face, duo-tone metal, and no complications in tech or style.
The neck wrap goes the distance: longer (loop once round and it still reaches at least the thighs), skinnier (it’s more like a tie), and effortlessly cooler.
Room Service
It’s boutique shopping made intimate, VIP shopping without the elitism, and trunk show shopping anytime you like. Natasha Chiam reports on the showroom shopping trend local retailers and customers are digging.
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Hello, Kitty
The most famous “cat” in the world has serious competition as feline fever takes over, from Lagerfeld’s Choupette with her Shu Uemura beauty line (take that Cara D!) to Italian cult comic artist/Tokidoki creator Simone Legno’s cat-themed bag collection with LeSportsac.
Full-On Smudgy Liner
The Middletons may do most things right, but when it comes to rimming their eyes, they could learn new moves from Fendi’s Cruise ’14.
Clinique’s Chubby stick Cheek Colour Balm
Stick blushers that leave glaring chunks of colour have gone the way of late ’90s boy bands. This is repurposed for the present and is considerably more ergonomic than its competitors.
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