How To Wear Red The Fashion-Forward Way

Cheongsams for Chinese New Year? Predictable and boring. Ditch the traditional for these fresh and fun ways to wear the auspicious colour out, courtesy of Instagram snaps from The Female Collective.

#1: Aarika Lee makes the case for headwraps with this orangey-red piece (it’s from New York label The Wrap Life, FYI).


#2: Linda Hao accents her monochrome outfit with a red bucket hat, which she paired with a sporty ensemble.


#3: Take a leaf out of Charlotte Chen‘s book and opt for eye-catching outerwear like this Fendi leather trench coat.

Old hood loitering πŸ“Έ: @lorrrrli #Fendi #ShotoniPhone7Plus #bumpinhiding

A photo posted by Charlotte Chen (@wunderlotte) on


#4: Or do Parisian chic the Trishna Goklani way: Teaming a red biker with a neck scarf.


#5: Guan Min takes florals out of Chinoiserie territory with a bold red biker jacket.

Catching light with these crazy reflective @cartier #pantheredecartier shades! πŸ’₯ #sp

A photo posted by MIN G. (@girlwhocriedwolf) on


#6: The slip dress might already be a wardrobe staple, but the one Nadia Rahmat wore gets the modern thanks to its shiny, reflective finish.

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Main image: @trishnarawr Instragram

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