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10 Beauty Products That Will Help You De-Stress

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If you’re reading this, chances are you are one or all of the below: a fresh grad who’s just stepped into the chaos that is the work force; a long-time desk warrior with an inbox that just won’t chill, a new mom who hasn’t had a good night sleep in forever, or simply a mom who has been on her feet for like, years. Sound familiar? Well, then you need to take a major chill pill.

We don’t need to tell you how detrimental stress is to your skin, hair and overall health – from hair loss to breakouts to even more serious underlying issues, it’s super important to remember to take some time off your crazy schedule and treat yourself every once in a while.

In fact, because we know you 100% deserve it, we’ve curated a list of 10 amazing products to help you get your chill out.

#1: Lifetrons 4-in-1 Facial Treatment Kit, $269,
Treat your skin and scalp with this super handy 4-in-1 kit that helps to reduce acne and scars, boost blood circulation, relieve fatigue, lift and firm the skin and stimulate hair growth while providing the relaxation on par with a proper head massage. Using Photon light therapy, microcurrents, negative ions and micro-vibrations, this portable kit was practically invented for those who are constantly travelling for work – because wine aside, how else better to deal with the stress of flying economy? Hey, even if you don’t travel all that often, why not turn every day into spa day? #2: Balmain Rose Gold-Plated Boar Bristle Brush & Haircare Set, USD$189.95 (approx. S$248.98),
Stress doesn’t just affect your skin, but your hair too! If you’ve noticed that you’ve been losing more hair due to stress, you aren’t imagining it. Treat your scalp and your locks to this fancy hairbrush set that also includes a moisturising Argan oil elixir to speeds up drying time and a hair perfume with a fresh, summery scent to keep you relaxed throughout the day. The brush itself is made with boar bristles, which helps to close your hair cuticles while stimulating the scalp to encourage new hair growth. Plus, isn’t brushing your hair the most therapeutic thing ever? #3: This Works Sleep Plus Pillow Spray, USD$25.55 (approx. S$33.49),
Featuring an even more potent version of the brand’s original formula, this pillow spray is actually clinically proven to restore natural sleep patterns – perfect for those who go to bed at odd hours thanks to all that over time! Infused with the strong scent of lavender oil, it helps to prompt the alpha waves in the part of our brains that aids relaxation, which helps even insomniacs slowly (but surely) drift off to a restful slumber. #4: Tata Harper Revitalizing Body Oil, USD$98.91 (approx. S$129.65),
Stress = dry skin, and not just on your face! If you’ve been suffering from dry patches or dull and lack luster skin on your body recently, it could be work (plus all that air conditioning) that’s taking a toll. Enter this amazing body oil; it is packed with 14 different active natural ingredients to deliver intense (n on-sticky) hydration and promote cellular renewal while reducing puffiness. Despite being oil-based, the formula absorbs easily into the skin and it smells heavenly to boot. #5: Peter Thomas Roth 24K Gold Pure Hydra Eye Patch, $146,
Lack of sleep, squinting at your devices and general exhaustion does not make for bright peepers. If you’ve been applying even more concealer than usual on your eye bags of late, you’ll need to add these eye patches to your cart ASAP. Featuring a pack of 30, these 24-karat gold infused patches are literal gold for treating puffy, tired eyes. How it works: hyaluronic acid and glycerin plump up the skin while colloidal gold lifts and firms delicate eye contours. Pro tip: they work even better if you store them in the fridge. #6: Nurse Jamie Beauty Bear Age Defy Pillow, USD$71.39 (approx. S$93.58),
When it comes to stress-induced complexion dullness, face masks, serums or tonics have nothing on a good night’s sleep to instantly put some pep back into tired skin. This uniquely-shaped pillow is specially designed to support your neck and lumbar muscles, allowing you to sleep better than if you used a regular pillow. It also comes with a satin covering that allows your skin to retain its natural moisture and oils as it is less absorbent than traditional cotton pillowcases, and prevents creases and wrinkles caused during sleep! #7: Aurelia Probiotic Skincare Bamboo Muslins, USD$24.23 (approx. S$31.76),
Tired skin is weaker and more prone to breakouts, plus chances are you’re too exhausted to properly cleanse if you’re constantly putting in crazy hours at work! Chosen for its antibacterial properties, treat your skin right with this set of bamboo cleansing cloths that gently lift away impurities and make up while boosting your skin’s natural renewal cycle. Suitable even for sensitive skin, slough away the stresses of the day and allow your skin to better absorb your products after. #8: Allies of Skin Bright Future Overnight Facial Mask, $159,
Featuring a new and improved formula, this amazing overnight chemical peel delivers the effects of a professional facial overnight, without any irritation even on sensitive skin. Packed with AHAs, BHAs, enzymes and 7 different brighteners suspended in an ultra-hydrating hyaluronic acid gel, wake up to a refined complexion with reduced breakouts and blemishes and irresistibly soft skin. #9: African Botanicals Kalahari Desert De-tox Bath Salts, USD$70.74 (approx. S$92.73),
Take your daily baths to the next level with these bath salts designed to help relieve stiff joints and muscular tensions – because we don’t always have the time to hit the massage table. Made from actual salt from the Kalahari Desert and enriched with Marula oil and detoxifying seaweed, skin is left re-hydrated, toned and calmed. We also love its zingy and rejuvenating lemongrass and juniper berry scent! #10: Leahlani Mermaid Mask, $60,
Purify and renew tired, stressed out complexions with this nutrient-rich mask packed with the goodness of organic chlorella, spirulina and raw honey from Hawaii. This potent mask is designed to help with premature ageing, acne and redness while loading skin with a host of vitamins to reveal softer, stronger and more radiant skin. Bonus points for being so IG-worthy. This story first appeared on Like this? Check out all the beauty products from net-a-porter you’ve got to try, the best masks to help you unclog and minimise pores and everything you need to know about getting rid of dark circles.