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13 Facial Essences Beauty Editors Swear By That'll Make All The Difference

The extra step in your skincare routine that you will never regret.

Facial essences, or lotions have been an essential skincare step to Japanese and Korean women for decades. But it wasn’t until in the past few years that Western skincare brands started introducing such essences. If you are still unsure about what a facial essence does, we’ve got you covered. While traditional toners are designed to balance skin’s pH, most of them tend to also have some cleansing benefits as a back-up to eliminate any traces of makeup and grime left behind. However, essences do not have cleansing properties. They focus on restoring skin’s pH and moisture levels, as well as resetting skin by infusing it with a host of nutrients like vitamins, minerals and amino acids to amplify the effects of serums and moisturisers applied thereafter. Above, 13 of the best facial essences that beauty editors repeatedly swear by for healthier skin.