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Follow This 10-Step Korean Scalp Care Regimen For Lustrous Hair

#1: Scalp Treatment
Scalp treatments target the root of the problem (literally) as they remove debris, dead skin cells and excess oil from the scalp. Look out for products with salicylic acid, which helps to exfoliate and result in healthy hair follicles. Try: Sachajuan Scalp Treatment, $62, Sephora #2: Shampoo
Follow the scalp treatment with your usual shampoo routine. However… Try: Amino Acid Shampoo, $41, Kiehl’s #3: Scalp Massage
…to really cleanse your scalp thoroughly, step up your shampooing with a scalp massager. Using a brush like this helps to improve blood circulation and lifts away debris and dead skin cells. Try: Waterproof Electric Scalp Massager, $7.60,   #4: Condition
After shampooing comes conditioning. Try to leave the conditioner on your hair for at least a few minutes (you can wash your face and body in the meantime) and avoid applying conditioner on your scalp. Try: Banana Conditioner, $16.90, The Body Shop #5: Hair Mask
Once or twice a week, follow or replace the conditioning step with a hair mask to really hydrate and moisturise your locks. Try: Silk Scarf Hair Moist Pack, $16.90, Etude House #6: Vinegar Rinse
Styling products often cause our hair and scalp’s acidity level to decrease (and alkalinity to increase), causing dandruff or dry and itchy scalps. A vinegar rinse helps to bring the acidity level back to normal, sealing and repairing the hair cuticles. Try: Yves Rocher Rinsing Vinegar, $18, Sephora #7: Scalp Serum
Depending on how oily your scalp is, you can choose a lighter or denser serum to hydrate your scalp and promote follicle health. Try: Intelligent Nutrients PurePlenty Nourishing Scalp And Strand Serum, $95, Sephora #8: Hair Serum
We have shown our scalp quite a lot of TLC, and now it’s time to focus on our hair. A hair serum helps to nourish and protect your tresses and tame flyaways. Try: David Mallett Hair Serum, US$52 (S$72), #9: Hair Mist
A hair mist helps to lock in moisture and gives your mane some sleek shine. Try: My Hair Moisturizing Hair Mist, $19, Innisfree #10: Overnight Treatment
To finish off, apply an overnight treatment to deeply nourish, condition and strengthen hair. Try: Sachajuan Overnight Hair Repair, US$37 (S$51),   Main image: Like this? Check out the Korean beauty products writer Sofia Kim swears by, the 10 upcoming beauty launches from Sephora to look out for and these 5 mascara hacks will leave you with long voluminous lashes, all day.