Meso Infusion Overnight Micro Mask, $198 for a box of four

On mesotherapy-inspired products and why women should use them

Dr. Yannis Alexandrides (YA): “Mesotherapy is a treatment that is very popular as it moisturises and improves the overall quality of your skin. The process requires several injections (it is usually made up of hyaluronic acid and vitamin C) and there are different mixtures used for various skin problems. Essentially, I wanted to find a solution that can either replace the mesotherapy treatment we do in the clinic or an in-between treatment to enhance the effects even more. After much research, we created the Meso-Infusion Overnight Micro Mask. Unlike ordinary sheet masks, these come in small patches that feature little cones on one side, which are made from pure hyaluronic acid and vitamin C. You can put this all over your face, usually on areas that need it more. The micro cones will then dissolve into your skin (it will not stay on the surface of your skin like all masks do) and penetrate into the superficial layer of the skin, which in turn, creates an effect similar to the effect of the mesotherapy treatment.”

The brand’s new launches

YA: “We will be releasing two more masks known as liquid masks. Firstly, the Major Infusion Day Defense Hydration Mask, which helps hydrate and protect the skin from pollutants and radiation. These are factors that have been identified as a main cause of ageing, especially for people who live in urban areas, where there’s a lot of pollution from cars, heavy metals in the air, gasses and dirt. This has four key ingredients to hydrate, boost cell renewal and protect skin from harmful UV rays. Next, we have the Meso Infusion Clinical Mask that is meant to be used at night when the skin recovers and builds up defences for the next day. It contains hydrating ingredients and an enzyme that helps the skin recover and rebuild itself. The reason why we don’t call it a cream is because of its consistency. It stays on the skin all day and forms a film around the skin instead of being absorbed completely.”


The key takeaways from working with space scientists

YA: “The space scientists gave me a lot of insight on how to protect the skin from harsh conditions such as ultraviolet radiation because they were in charge of the well-being of the astronauts. They were researching and finding ingredients and special agents that will protect the skin from extreme conditions. They shared with me their knowledge of ingredients and products, which helped me formulate my first product, the Dramatic Healing Serum. They are very well-learned in this field and I admire them.”

The use of black diamonds

YA: “One of the problems that a lot of skincare products have is that they cannot penetrate through the barrier the skin imposes. They might contain a host of useful ingredients but if the ingredients don’t get through the skin, they don’t do any good to us. So we came up with the idea of using black diamonds as a transport system for all the active ingredients and take them through the deeper layers of the skin where it can act and deliver the benefits.”

The key ingredient/technology only the brand uses

YA: “Our patented ingredient is called NAC Y². We have done clinical studies and it has proven to reduce the appearance of wrinkles within four weeks, as well as improve skin’s texture and slow down signs of ageing. NAC Y² contains a type of amino acid to fight off stress, radiation, pollution and more.”

Y Theorem Repair Light Serum, $380
Bio Cellulose Facial Treatment Mask, $170 for a box of five

The products every woman needs from the brand

YA: “One of them would definitely be the Y Theorem Repair Light Serum as it is so potent and it is what I call an all-rounder. It hydrates, contains anti-ageing benefits, protects from harmful stimuli and also brightens. You also definitely need the Bio-Cellulose Facial Treatment Mask because bio-cellulose sheet masks contain 500 times more ingredients than a standard mask to effectively hydrate and brighten skin.”

Common skincare mistakes women make

YA: “I think a lot of decisions women make about skincare are basically driven by marketing, which at times do not address the right problems for the skin. One of them is using too much makeup, which can isolate the skin, stop its renewal process and clog the pores. In addition, a lot of women who have specific problems do not seek proper advice from a dermatologist or a plastic surgeon and because of that, they tend to use a cream that is not appropriate for them. Lastly, many women do not properly cleanse and tone their skin. The cleansing of the skin is a very important step because it activates the skin’s microcirculation.”

The factors to note before purchasing a skincare product

YA: “I think people should look into the science behind each beauty product and why they need to use the product. They should look for a product that does not contain paraben, silicone and other harmful preservatives because it can cause damage. They also have to understand that the cream has to be created by the right professionals.”

The skincare product he uses when travelling

YA: “I always have the Celestial Black Diamond Serum with me when I travel because it contains all sorts of powerful ingredients and absorbs very quickly into my skin. I can use it in any type of climate (from dry to humid) and it doesn’t look like I have anything on my face. It also has a mild anti-pigmentation effect.”

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