I have to admit, beauty brand 111Skin does give me The Big Bang Theory vibes. Here’s some background. Renowned London cosmetic surgeon Dr Yannis Alexanrides was seeking methods of healing skin for his patients to help treat their skin after a procedure. He then discovered NAC Y², a formula created by space scientists to help astronauts’ skin recover.

Dr Yannis then worked with former chemical engineers of the Soviet space programme to refine and improve the NAC Y² formula, and made it into the Original Dramatic Healing Serum which he then gave to his patients after they finished a surgical procedure to boost skin healing and regeneration by stimulating the body’s natural defense mechanism and reverse cell damage.

However, the wonder serum not only helped speed up skin’s recovery process, many of his patients found that their skin not only felt and looked healthier, it also felt smoother, softer and more supple.

Soon, demand began to outstrip supply. Because of its popularity, luxury department store Harrods contacted Dr Yannis to request that he create an entire line of skincare to be stocked at their store. And this was how 111Skin came to be (its name is inspired by the name of his practice, 111 Harley Street Clinic).

Today, 111Skin is an industry favourite and loved by many beauty editors and celebs. Margot Robbie has been very vocal about her love for the brand, citing its products as some of her all-time favourite beauty products. Before the recent Victoria’s Secret fashion show in Shanghai, VS Angels like Josephine Skriver, Lily Aldridge and Romee Strijd all shared pictures of them using 111Skin’s Gold Brightening Facial Treatment Mask as a pre-show prep on their social media accounts.

If like us, you’re intrigued by this sci-fi skincare, 111Skin is available exclusively at Robinsons The Heeren. Here are five of our favourite products of the brand:

Y Theorem Repair Light Serum, $380

Evolved from the original Original Dramatic Healing Serum, this is infused with the NAC Y² formula, as well as skin brightening and tightening actives, to stimulate cell regeneration and give you a more youthful, radiant complexion. It also boosts collagen production and provides defense against environmental damage to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It also has skin soothing and hydrating properties.



Meso Infusion Overnight Micro Mask, $198 for four pieces

This at home “mesotherapy” treatment uses an innovative self-dissolving mask technology. To be applied to targeted areas, the mask is made with 150 micro-structures that gently penetrate deep into the skin to deliver the active ingredients more efficiently. Each mask is also infused with 95.5 per cent hyaluronic acid and 4.5 per cent vitamin C to treat fine lines.

Space Antioxidant Booster, $170

Just one to two drops of this oil-free antioxidant concentrate is enough to fight against premature ageing. It is infused with Vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant that protects the vitality of the cells by creating a defense barrier against daily pollution, and flavonoid-rich grape seed extract, a powerful plant-derived antioxidant. Other skin protecting compounds include resveratrol, vitamin E and linoleic acid.

CO2 Crystalising Energy Mask, $250 for five

Perfect for those with a tired, dull complexions, this energising and brightening treatment is the first application of ‘Crystallisation’ outside of a clinical environment. Using two components to create Carbonic Acid, the mask drives CO2 into the skin, causing it to react by producing an influx of Oxygen into your skin. As the mask dries, it crystallises to form a protective layer, creating a barrier which acts as an environmental seal for the product to work underneath to boost skin cells’ natural energy (ATP) production, and strengthen collagen and elastin production for stronger, smoother, and brighter skin.

Ground Control Anti Blemish Tonic, $98

This helps to neutralise stressed, tired skin while minimising excess oils. its soothing formula reduces inflammation, stimulates skin renewal and is designed to eliminate breakouts before they surface.

Main image: Showbit.com

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