skincare mistakes

skincare mistakes

#1: Not moisturising at night

Alcohol is dehydrating and can cause your complexion to become dry. So if you’ve knocked back one too many tipples, don’t forget to apply a hydrating serum or a more heavy-duty cream to make up for the moisture loss.

  1. #2: Sleeping with your makeup on

No matter how tired you are, always double cleanse with a makeup remover and a facial cleanser. If you don’t sleep with clean skin, the dirt and oil left on your skin can cause breakouts and fine lines.

#3: Not using a cooling eye cream the morning after

Lack of sleep and drinking can cause puffiness around your eye area and make you appear tired. A quick fix is to use a cooling eye care, or simply leaving your regular eye cream in the fridge for about 10 minutes before applying it. The cold will help to freshen you up and hasten the drainage of fluid around your eyes.


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