What do we now look for in sunscreens since they have effectively become more than mere sun screeners?

3 Game Changing Sunscreens That Dont Just Block Out Uv Rays

How about one that: 

1. Gives longer protection: as most need to be reapplied after two to three hours. Kenzoki’s White Blossom Delicate UV Shield SPF50/PA+++ (above, $65), which is also a brightening serum, promises to last up to eight hours. 

Game Changing Sunscreens 2

2. Makes skin look better: Clarins UV Plus Anti-Pollution Day Screen Multi-Protection SPF 50/PA++++ ($74) doesn’t just come in neutral white, but also in peachy-pink and blue. The former (middle of photo) gives skin a luminous glow, while the latter (top of photo) makes complexion significantly fairer. 

3. Delivers the works and blows us away: Lancome’s UV Expert XL Shield Fresh UV Aqua Gel SPF50/PA++++ (bottom strip of photo, $75) goes on cool to soothe irritated or hot skin, calms inflammation, gives a semi-matte finish, and is so lightweight that it literally disappears into skin. 

Photography Zaphs Zhang Styling Diane Ng

An adapted version first appeared in Female’s April issue.