skincare for quarter life crisis

When you hit your mid to late 20s, biological and physiological changes occurring under skin’s surface can compromise its health. Here are three signs that your complexion might be going through a quarter life crisis:

1. Pores become enlarged and more visible.
As you get older, accumulated sun damage and ageing decreases skin’s elasticity, which causes pores to dilate and appear larger.

2. Skin tone becomes uneven and less radiant.
Pollution, free radical damage and stress cause skin to appear less vibrant, yellower and more dull. Age spots also begin to appear, resulting in increased pigmentation.

3. Skin begins to feel rough.
Cell turnover slows down as we age, causing a build up of dead skin cells on our skin’s surface resulting in an uneven skin texture.

origins original skin retexturizing mask
L to R: Origins Original Skin Retexturizing Mask with Rose Clay ($50) and Renewal Serum with Willowherb ($78)

While there are skincare products that target the above issues, such as DHC’s pore care range and CNP Laboratory’s Invisible Peeling Booster, a good way to treat all of these problems is to use skincare that boost skin’s cell renewal process and turnover. One to try – the new Origins Original Skin range, which helps to refine skin texture and keep skin looking younger for longer.

The line consists of two products, a serum and a treatment mask. The former has chestnut seed extract to eliminate surface flakiness and roughness, as well as willowherb extract to restore skin’s clarity and radiance. The mask is a two-in-one treatment that has rose clay to deeply cleanse and jojoba beads to exfoliate skin’s surface.


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