Diana Goh (below left), the co-founder of lifestyle grooming bar-meets-salon Blow+Bar (head there for a new hairdo, a fresh coat of paint on your nails and indulge in some bubbly while you’re at it) on the most popular hairstyles of the moment and why they’re set to become bigger. 

#1: The lob (below)

“The lob will still be huge for the rest of 2015, and maybe even beyond it. Short hair is the epitome of chic, and the lob just about captures the essence of it. There are many variations of this style, but the most popular is one that sits on the shoulder. You still retain feminine appeal as your hair touches your shoulder, and (at Blow+Bar) we like them blunt with just the right amount of layers to soften your face.”

4 Hair Trends That Are Set To Become Bigger According To Blowbars Diana Goh 1

 The lob as seen at Burberry SS ’15 

#2: Just-got-out-of-bed hair 

“It’s not about carefully coiffed tresses (these days), but about effortless tousled waves. I love the “out of bed” look that makes hair look effortless with just a touch of wildness to it. Blow+Bar’s most popular service, the Permanent Blowout, was launched a year ago to help our clients create effortless waves and natural-looking curls, and we are anticipating it to be going strong after winning two awards for it recently in 2015. What has changed will be the popular Signature Looks: (Clients used to go for) Victoria Secret model-esque big waves and curls, but this year it’s been all about natural waves.”

4 Hair Trends That Are Set To Become Bigger According To Blowbars Diana Goh 6

Blow+Bar’s Bedhead Permanent Blowout look

#3: Sunkissed hair

“The perfect hair colour should bring a glow to your face and skintone, regardless of whether you are fair or dark-skinned. Our Undone Colour treatment combines the best of balayage and ombre techniques to create hair that looks as though it is sunkissed and glowing. There are no hard lines as the colour grows out and no awkward faded colors, just natural hair that looks as though you were born with it, or as though you just came back from a really long holiday.” 

#4: Textured hair

“Gone are the days where sleek and and straight hair is “in” (anyone guilty of rebonding your hair one too many times?). 2015 is all about texture. Having great hair starts with understanding what texture works for your hair. Texture can range from getting a perm to getting a keratin treatment (to get rid of frizz and smoothen your hair). We always recommend a perm, which is part of the treatment in the Permanent Blowout, as it instantly gives your hair more volume and makes you look more put together (without trying too hard).” 

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Model photos Burberry, Kenzo