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Why You'll Love These K-Beauty Brands By Korean Makeup Artists

We all like to believe that we’re rational decision makers, especially when it comes to shopping for makeup. Will I use it often? Is the price reasonable? More importantly, is it good? Almost every beauty lover will comb through pages and videos of reviews from magazines, blogs and YouTube channels to answer said questions. It doesn’t stop there of course – not until we’ve made a few trips to the store to test the product out for ourselves.

Then, there’s always that one item we throw logic out the window for, usually with “limited edition” and “worn by some-popular-actress-or-beauty-icon” found at the top of the sales pitch. Marketing gimmick or not, we’ll take one, thank you.

This time however, we’ve found a few brands that appeal to both our sense of logic and our (arguably irrational) need to stay on trend – and in this case, on K-Beauty trend.

Now, makeup artist-established brands may not be anything new in the Western world – see, Nars, Bobbi Brown and Charlotte Tilbury – but they’re on the rise in South Korea, with new brands being launched and others expanding into markets overseas. Add to that the continued popularity of Korean dramas and music and it’s no surprise that they’ve been met with great reception. After all, these were created by the people behind the viral Korean beauty tricks and trends we’ve all once tried out of plain curiosity, or stuck to simply because they work.

Trends aside, the most popular products from these brands are actually the ones made for practical, multi-purpose use – think a foundation-cum-concealer, dispensed from a textured mixing plate; a watery skin-prepping toner-cum-cleanser; plus a plethora of products that promise to shorten your daily routine yet achieve almost professional results at the same time.

If that isn’t enough to pique your interest, all the products are priced within a comfortable Goldilocks-esque range – not so cheap that you have to worry about their quality, yet not so stratospherically “luxe” that they’ll burn a hole in your pocket, either.

#1: Jungsaemmool
One of South Korea’s most respected makeup artists, Jung Saem Mool, is the face painter to some of Asia’s biggest stars including Chinese actress Tang Wei, Korean actress Kim Tae Hee and K-Idol group Miss A. What we love about Jung Saem Mool’s recently launched beauty line is how quickly it allows us to achieve a fresh-looking complexion. Which is why it’s no coincidence that the Essential Star-cealer Foundation is at the top of our must-try list from the line. It’s a versatile foundation-cum-concealer compact that allows you to adjust the amount of coverage with its in-built textured mixing palette. It also comes in a more moisturising version for those with dry skin. Other items we recommend trying is the Tinted Paste, a multi-purpose product to add life back into your eyes, cheeks and lips; and the Refining Color Bony Brow, an all-in-one brow pencil and powder for quick and natural K-style brows. If you’re curious to see how they work, head over to Jung Saem Mool’s YouTube channel for step-by-step tutorials and beauty tips. We recommend starting from this pore-covering makeup tutorial. Jung Saem Mool beauty is available via,,  Image: @jongsaemmool11, Jongsaemmool beauty See: Best eyebrow pencils & palettes to keep your brow game strong.  #2: Chosungah 22
Equally high on South Korea’s list of revered makeup artists is Cho Sung Ah. With 25 years of experience from working with Korea’s top stars, publications and global makeup brands, Cho Sung Ah’s namesake beauty brand takes all the hard work out of the usually tedious Korean beauty routine. Take for example the brand’s C&T Blend, a twist-to-dispense jar containing foundation on one side and a honey-based moisturising serum on the other. It’s said to dispense the perfect amount of product so you don’t have to worry about whether you’ve got the right ratio of foundation to serum every time you want to create a dewy base. Utility aside, the brightly packaged products are incredibly fun, too. The line’s best-seller, the Bounce Up Pact, has an interesting – well, bouncy – texture that makes us want to dip our fingers into the product every few minutes. The compact foundation looks like a creamy paste, but has an airy mousse-like feel. On application, it melts into the skin and lends a lovely velvety finish that should hold up well in Singapore’s humidity. Chosungah 22 is available via and exclusively at selected Sasa stores in Singapore. Image: Cho Sung Ah 22 See: 10 ultra moisturising foundations to keep your complexion flawless and dewy.  #3: Son&Park
At the forefront of the Korean no-makeup makeup movement are makeup artists Son Dae Sik and Park Tae Hyun. The two highly sought after makeup artists view skin preparation as the most important step to achieving a flawless base. (If you need any proof for that claim: Son Daesik is Korean actress Jeon Ji Hyun’s official makeup artist.) Which is why a skin-prepping toner was one of the first few items to launch under their brand Son&Park. Aptly named Beauty Water, the product is a blend of gentle hydrating ingredients that help to cleanse, exfoliate and tone the skin. This cult favourite is good for a variety of uses, including a makeup remover, toner and even as a mist. Others worth checking out in the range include the multi-purpose Air Tint Lip Cubes – they also satisfy our OCD tendencies when it comes to makeup organisation as they easily click together – and the Skin Fit foundation, which has a green colour correcting core to cancel out redness in the skin. Image: @parktaeyun, Son&Park #4: Pony Effect
If you don’t already know who celebrity makeup artist Pony or Park Hye Min is, take five to watch this makeup tutorial in which she transforms herself into Taylor Swift. Renowned for being CL’s personal makeup artist (!), her many brand collaborations and her fun yet informative makeup tutorials – just watch this girl rock bright red eyeshadow – Pony is the one to watch for every K-Pop-loving beauty enthusiast. Her recently launched makeup line, Pony Effect, is everything we expect glamourous K-beauty to be – sleek black and navy packaging accented with rose gold, within which you’ll find brightly coloured tints and eyeshadows that’ll take you from day to night in no time at all. Our money’s on the line’s Favourite Fluid Lip Tints and versatile eyeshadow quads. Pony Effect is available via Meme box on GMarket Image: @ponysmakeup, Pony Effect An adapted version first appeared in Like this? Check out awesome tips and products to get Korean-style beachy waves for the office.