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4 Steps To Take For Shine-Free Skin

Here’s what you can do and the products to use to keep your skin free of shine.

Wanting a natural, radiant complexion while keeping yourself from looking like a greaseball is like walking a tightrope in Singapore. Shine free skin seems close to impossible. The humidity and heat in our tropical weather is a big factor in stimulating sebum production and causing our oil glands to go into overdrive. It’s the bane of people who have oily skin, even though it happens to people with all skin types. But it is possible to keep shine at bay – you just have to be diligent in keeping to a good skincare routine that keeps your skin hydrated and soothed, so it doesn’t feel the need to overproduce sebum. Here are five steps that you should take.

Cleanse Your Skin Correctly

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Most people with oily skin types tend to over-wash their skin with harsh cleansers because they like that squeaky clean and tight feeling and the fact that their skin doesn’t feel as oily afterwards. Let us put this on record for the final time: This is one of the biggest skincare mistakes that they make. Because when you strip your skin of oil, including natural oils that help keep your skin’s oil-water ratio balanced, it will cause your skin barrier functions to weaken, and lead to a host of other skincare problems like even oilier skin, sensitised skin, breakouts and premature skin ageing.

What you need to do (besides trashing that over-harsh cleanser) is to choose a good cleanser that removes dirt, including any traces of pollutants, yet doesn’t strip your skin dry. Soap-free cleansers are a good bet, since these are generally free of oil-stripping alkaline ingredients such as sodium hydroxide. Go for gentle acid cleansers to get a thorough wash, like the Dr Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Pore Perfecting Cleansing Gel and Rooki Beauty Honey Matcha Cleansing Drops. These lather well so your skin feels clean, but not tight after use.