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Keep Your Cool With These Handy Face Mists

Keep a cool head by blasting your face with a soothing spray – the dip in temperature shrinks the skin’s blood vessels and blots out blotchiness in a process called vasoconstriction”.

Even better, the beauty baubles on the following pages can be used over makeup, anytime, anywhere, to squelch the splotches of ruddy “heaty” skin. What’s not to love? Modern multitasking maidens, click through for a famous fivesome of all-purpose panaceas, for your perusal and purchasing consideration, please.

#1: Allies of Skin Molecular Saviour Toner Mist, $69 from and Escentials
Seriously, this exquisite elixir is #DaBomb – and I’m not just saying this because I’m pals with the porcelain-faced brains behind the brand. (‘Sup, Nic!) For starters, the mist gets straight to work to wick water into the deepest layers of your skin and sinks straight in, too; no smearing or spreading required. The atomiser works like a dream too, yielding a lovely, light spray that’s supercharged with pore-perfecting probiotics and a carefully curated blend of botanical oils said to aid in sopping up sebum, sweat and shine. Toss in cooling cucumber seed oils, complexion-correcting colloidal silver and acai berry actives and you’ve got yourself one fancy facial treatment that lends itself well to any number of inventive beauty hacks. Try spritzing this under your sunscreen, for instance; the antioxidants in this mist means that you’ll get a double dose of free radical-fighting goodness. (The divine, dewy finish doesn’t hurt, too.) Or use it on bare skin in lieu of a traditional toner and you may find your cheeks becoming suppler and springier after a week’s use, as was in my case. One mist, multiple functions, three words: Grab it, guys. And pronto, too. #2: Estee Lauder Micro Essence Aquaceuticals Mist, $104
This plush potion is such an incredible investment. Why? You’re essentially getting a pre-serum, essence and makeup setting spray in one, for starters. And because this is Estee Lauder we’re talking about, expect all the thoughtful touches emblematic of the quietly elegant all-American brand: Beautifying botanicals, fortifying ferments and a complexion-calming complex, all ensconced in a gorgeous glass receptacle that’s incredibly Instagram-friendly to boot. How to use? As mentioned, feel free to slot this into any stage of your skincare regime – spray on before your serums and top up periodically through the day – or “cotton on” to this neat beauty hack that’s an absolute must-try if you want to cop the dewy complexion of the hottest K-Beauty stars. Here’s how. Grab two or three pieces of cotton and douse liberally with this mist. When the cotton pads are wet all the way through, slap them on your face. Twiddle your thumbs for two minutes, then take the pads off. Pat in any excess and proceed with the rest of your regimen. This speedy spot treatment reduces redness in a jiffy, plus the extra helping of hydration will also imbue your mien with a subtle inner sheen. And while this clear mist isn’t tinted per se, the difference upon application is apparent: My skin looks like my own, only better. Get it, stat. See: The most Instagram-worthy beauty products to own now. #3: Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist Intense Deluxe Edition, $100
Armed with an arsenal of antioxidant actives, this restorative rose infusion is said to soothe stress-induced inflammation, reduce redness and assuage ageing – the sum result of which is skin that’s as pillowy as rose petals themselves. Talk about flower power, eh. No complaints on the fragrance front, either: The fabulous floral notes are energising and just evanescent enough not to overwhelm, making application an exercise in relaxation, especially when it’s hot as blazes outside. Use over or under your facepaint for softer, smoother skin in one spritz; it really does afford me a noticeably brighter visage, even when I’ve been pulling all-nighters in the office. Get this if you’re gunning for the delightfully delicate, lit-from-within luminescence of a dewy rose plucked at dawn. Oh, yeah, another big beauty bonus: Funds from this limited edition, jumbo-sized Jurlique offering will be funnelled towards not-for-profit projects aimed at assisting disadvantaged women and kids. How’s that for feel-good beauty? Will repurchase this in a heartbeat! #4: Shiseido Ibuki Quick Fix Mist, $45
I’m addicted to the incredibly invigorating tingle of Shiseido’s sensational Ibuki Quick Fix Mist, which cools “hotspots” on my face like a cold compress. Being somewhat of a mist connoisseur, I love how ultra-fine and ultra-soft the delicate droplets feel on my skin. Perfect as a plumping pick-me-up you can practically douse yourself in without fear of disrupting your face paint! Simply spritz  in an X-shaped formation, then let it sit for a minute or so. Here’s a quick tip: Whenever you use a facial mist, be sure to dab off the excess with tissue after a few minutes, as you want to prevent the evaporation process from wicking precious water off the top layer of your skin. In any case, this Shiseido skin saviour also boasts both hydrating and shine-sopping properties, which means you can expect a perfectly matte and moisturised mien. See: Guerlain’s new beauty fixes that treat all kinds of skin woes. #5: SK-II Mid-Day Miracle Essence, $93
Packed with Pitera, these portable canisters have become an extension of my arm – just ask my long-suffering colleagues how often I take to puncturing the deadly silence of the office with my spritzing. One more thing: The Pitera component also means these essence sprays reek of fermented yeast – but what price a little funkiness if you can go from lethargic and lacklustre to divine and dewy in seconds? Right, then. Soothe your scarlet skin with any one of these mollifying mists, and you’re all set to “face” the day. Good luck getting out of the red! An adapted version first appeared in Like this? Check out 8 moisturising face mists for your wedding and outdoor shoots.