fresh glowing skin

fresh glowing skin

#1: Exfoliate your skin.

It’s the fastest way to brighten the complexion and helps to remove any surface dirt and pollution left behind from all the partying.

#2: Use a makeup base or primer with light-reflecting pigments.

We all need a little help sometimes and these immediately help to blur out imperfections and boost radiance.

#3: Chill your moisturiser in the fridge before your apply it in the morning.

The cold is not only refreshing, but also helps to take away puffiness and boost circulation to give you a rosy glow.

#4: Add a hydrating serum to your regime.

The extra burst of moisture will plump up skin, so it can better reflect light and help your complexion appear brighter.

#5: Apply highlighter to your face.

Focus on the area above your cheekbones, along the nose bridge, on the chin and in the center of your forehead. It will immediately boost luminosity and give your face more contours.


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