You’ve tried all sorts of dietary cleanses to get that coveted ab definition, but maybe you should start looking into detoxing your biggest organ of all. When it comes to skin however, all routes to the beatific glow depend on one thing — consistency. From time to time, your face deserves a rest from all the contouring, highlighting and beating it gets, and instead, removing pollutants and impurities from the skin should take centrestage.

When your complexion gets loaded with toxins chlorine and phthalate which can exist in your everyday beauty products, the skin becomes sallow and tired and develops fine lines, acne, blackheads and all the nasties we’re not so fond of.

Cleansing, twice a day everyday

Cleansing should always be a twice-a-day habit, if you’re not doing it already — and no, your makeup wipes don’t count. Reach for an exfoliant at night when your skin is working through its natural rejuvenation process. Pick a cleanser that is detergent and soap-free, as well as one without alcohol or fragrance, as these are overly drying and will increase the potential for allergic reactions and irritation.

Masks, Two to three times a week

We sure love our sheet masks, but when it comes to detoxing, clay and mud formulas that contain ingredients like magnesium and silicone are essential to draw out impurities underneath the top layers of your skin. Let the masks set softly on your skin instead of completely drying it up, or leaving it to set hard as
this can pull too much water from your skin and leave it dehydrated instead.

Serums, Twice a day

If you’re looking for serums to detox your skin, look for those that contain organic sulfur, Australian tea tree oil, and Vitamin K to reduce redness and sun damage.

At-home steaming, once every two weeks

You could do this up to two to three times a week, but the reality is, nobody has the time to. A steam session is exactly what it sounds like — bring a pot of water to boil and then pour the water into a small glass or ceramic bowl. Hold your face 10 inches away with a towel over your head to keep the vapour contained for up to ten minutes. This helps emulsify the sebum and dirt in pores, and it’s similar to what facialists would do to your skin pre-extraction. Don’t exceed the ten though as heat can cause inflammation if the exposure is too long. Afterwards, apply a hydrating or enzymatic mask immediately for increased

Facials, once every four to six weeks

As much as you think you do a good job cleaning your face, professional facials ensure a deeper and more thorough cleansing, providing a great foundation for healthy skin. When you first begin to detox your skin, you may notice blemishes as the body rids itself of the toxins you’ve absorbed. To keep these pesky
blemishes at bay, drink a lot more water and inhale the leafy greens the help produce glowing results from the inside out!