When facial exfoliants are not giving you the softer, smoother and brighter skin that you want, bring out DIY peels with acids or natural enzymes that you can use at home. Apply them once to three times a week on a clean face.

Beauty Fix It


1. La Prairie Cellular 3-minute Peel, $344

This has acids like malic (to soften the look of wrinkles and boost collagen production), lactic (to exfoliate and brighten) and salicylic (to treat and prevent zits). A fairly strong peel, it should only be used once a week and left on for just three minutes. Dark spots are reportedly less obvious after one month, if you use it consistently. 

2. Kiehl’s Dermatologist Solution Over-night Biological Peel, $80 

This takes the whole night to do the trick, but it’s worth the wait – even the most conspicuous pores on the nose look significantly smaller the morning after. Plus: It also hydrates, so no need for day moisturiser. Apply on completely bare skin (no other skincare) before bed and wash it off in the morning.

3. Murad Intensive Resurfacing Peel, $125

Combining the benefits of a peel and a scrub, this has bamboo beads to buff away dead surface skin, as well as glycolic and salicylic acids to boost cell turnover. Leave on for five minutes, then rinse off. This can be used up to twice a week.

4. Philosophy The Microdelivery In-home Vitamin C Peptide Peel Kit, $109

It has two parts: a Vitamin C/Peptide Crystals scrub and an Activating Gel with lactic and salicylic acids. Massage the scrub into skin, leave on for about two minutes, then add a thin layer of the Activating Gel. Wait one minute, then wash everything off. When you see the significant difference after just one use, you, like us, won’t mind the slightly tiresome process anymore.

5. Ren Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask, $85

It uses glycolic, lactic and citric acids to exfoliate, encourage cell renewal and decongest pores, so it’s not suitable for sensitive skin. Leave on for about 10 minutes, then rinse off.

6. Perricone MD Blue Plasma, $177

It’s so gentle that you can use this every day – before any skincare. Ingredients like salmon egg enzyme, magnolia bark extract and copper remove surface dead skin, unclog pores and minimise the appearance of lines.