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7 Skincare And Makeup Brands That Should Be On Your Radar

From luxurious beauty oils to eco-friendly finds, here are the 7 newest skincare and make up brands to cop from Net-a-Porter
Amy Jean Brow Micro Stroke Pencil, $43
Brows are complicated and they’ve gone through many transformations throughout the decades – the filled-in ultra arched Kardashian brow, the overly-plucked 1930s brow and finally – the lush and natural brow of today. Amy Jean doesn’t believe in a one-brow-fits-all shape, so she created a variety of different brow products to perfectly fit all our different faces and features. Try the Micro Stroke Pencil for its minuscule micro-sized tip that lets you draw light and little hair-like strokes for a no make-up brow look. If Naomi Campbell is a fan, I’m sure you’ll be too. Bynacht Iconic Reborn Radiant Serum, $246
This German luxury skincare brand focuses on combining aromatherapeutic oils with active ingredients to promote a restful sleep to improve your skin condition. Their serums are best used before bedtime, when our skin cell renewal rates double, absorbing more nutrients for better rest and better skin. Bynacht’s Iconic Reborn Radiant Serum is a luxurious serum set to plump and resurface skin, while soothing you into a good night’s sleep.   One Ocean Beauty Replenishing Deep Sea Moisturiser, $111
Eco-warriors, here’s another brand to add to your list. This American beauty brand has products for both the face and body. This new skincare line wants to get as close to mother nature’s raw ingredients as possible, so marine ingredients are at the core of each and every product. The best part: It uses sustainable energy in all its production. This replenishing deep sea moisturiser promotes elasticity and prevents wrinkling of the skin.   Prager Skincare Urban Protect Acid Peel Mask, $271
Dr Michael Prager who has his own aesthetic clinic, specifically created this skincare line to protect his clients from pollution. With climate change, Dr. Prager believes that sunscreen is no longer enough to protect our skin from the exceedingly polluted environment. Aimed to prevent unnatural skin growths and premature skin aging, this acid peel mask formulated with potent antioxidants forms a protective layer against external aggressors.   Retrouve Dynamic Nourishing Face Cream, $604
From the people who played a part in Kiehl’s success, Retrouve prides itself on combining new technologies with high-performing active ingredients. The products are formulated with powerful ingredients which are rich in antioxidants to help rejuvenate skin cells and protect your skin from aggressors. You can get a tub of 24 peel pads for US$69 (S$95) or, if you have really, really deep pockets, a bottle of the dynamic nourishing face cream. Revive Moisturising Renewal Cream SPF15, $228
Developed by plastic surgeon Dr Gregory Bays Brown, Revive is a luxury skincare line designed to keep youth and beauty intact. The American brand’s products are formulated with its Bio-Renewal Technology that Dr Brown used to treat burn victims in his medical career. The hydrating face mist and anti aging serum aim to bring back your child-like glow. Give Revive’s moisturising renewal cream a go for a moisturiser and SPF in one.   Teresa Tarmey Microneedling Kit, $674
Teresa Tarmey is no stranger to A-listers, she is the facialist to supermodel Kate Moss among many others who have graced the runways. Tarmey is known for her super customised and targeted facials. The British-born facialist has developed three different sets of at-home skincare kits, but only one of them is available on Net-a-Porter. The Microneedling Kit is a 12-week program that includes a range of skincare products (a toner, treatment essence and reusable silicone mask), a microneedling dermaroller that helps to stimulate skin cell regeneration and a gold-plated massage tool that vibrates to improve the absorption of skincare. At around US$495, it’s on the pricier side, but still more affordable than flying to Tarmey’s London or New York City clinics for a personal facial.