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9 Fuss-Free Sheet Masks For An Instant Dewy Glow

From brightening to hydration, these sheet masks are easy to pop on and leave you with glowy skin 20 minutes later.

This article first appeared on Her World.

Nothing says #selfcare quite like putting aside time every day to apply a face mask. They feel indulgent, and leave your complexion feeling AND looking good. And while we don’t like to play favourites, we have to admit we adore how easy sheet masks are to use.

Just pop them out of the packet, put them on for 20 minutes and boom, an instant dewy glow. To share the love, we’ve put together a list of our favourite sheet masks launched in the past year. Read on and treat yourself to some T.L.C.

Huxley Mask; Glow & Brightness
A brightening sheet mask infused with Prickly Pear Seed Oil that gives skin a bright and radiant glow and protects skin from harmful environmental stress. The separate formulas instantly emulsify when mixed creating a milky essence that soothes and improves skin tone. Pop this mask on at night before bed when you feel your dry skin needs a little TLC and you’ll wake up with plump, radiant skin that feels and looks revitalised. Charlotte Tilbury Instant Magic Facial Dry Sheet Mask, $76 for a set of four, Sephora
Inspired by the technical innovations of Korean beauty and infused with vitamins, floral extracts, peptides, and oils, this will perk up your complexion in just 15 minutes and is the perfect pre-party prep. The dry mask is made with tiny vectors and has a bio-mimetic system that gives a prolonged release of the ingredients, giving it time to immerse into your complexion. The effects of this mask lasts for up to eight hours and each sheet can be used up to three times. Philosophy Renewed Hope In A Jar Moisture Sheet Mask, $8 per sheet
This bio-cellulose sheet mask is an instant skin pick-me-up that boosts skin radiance and provides hydration for up to 24 hours. Great for tired, dry complexions, it is infused with sodium hyaluronate and aloe extract to revitalise and plump skin. FEMMUE Dream Glow Mask - Plump + Firm, USD$61.30 (approx. S$83.50) for a box of six, Net-a-Porter
A luxe anti-ageing mask that is made from a dry bio-cellulose, which can hold up to 200 times its dry weight in serum. Each sheet is infused with hyaluronic acid, Adenosine, Niacinamide and a cocktail of botanical extracts to help boost elasticity and plumpness so you look fresher and more youthful. Senka Perfect Aqua Bouncy Mask (Bouncy Bright), $2 per sheet
Perfect for dry, pollution-plagued dull complexions, this has skin-plumping royal jelly, a brightening Fuji Sakura Essence, as well as the brand’s signature ingredients of Double Hyaluronic Acid and White Silk Cocoon Essence to plump up skin, leaving you with a dewy, glowing complexion. Saturday Skin Cotton Cloud Probiotic Power Mask, $9 per sheet, Sephora
Photo: nrbeautylicious Infused with a combination of prebiotics and probiotics, this helps to boost skin vitality and luminousity. The nourishing mask promotes skin’s natural microbiome functions while increasing moisture levels and overall radiance. It’s also packed with vitamin E and polyphenols to improve hydration and protect against environmental stressors.   Thann Intensive Hydrating Face Mask, $45 for a box of four
This multi-functional powerhouse brightens with Vitamin C, protects against free radical damage with organic green tea extract and moisturises skin with hyaluronic acid. It is also infused with alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs) and organic pineapple extract to gently exfoliate skin, improving radiance and smoothness. Whal Myung Skin Elixir Mask, $28 for a box of five
A great skin booster, this gives all the benefits of the brand’s iconic Skin Elixir in a mask form, leaving you with a radiant and dewy complexion in just minutes. Gentle enough to be used on sensitive skin, it’s infused with dried tangerine peel, cinnamon and ginger extracts to energise and refresh skin. Starskin Orglamic Pink Cactus Mask, $24 per sheet, Sephora
This two-step oil sheet mask treatment deeply hydrates and infuses skin with antioxidants to leave it visibly firmer and radiant. To use, first apply the oil capsule, while helps to moisturise, soften, nourish and smooth dry and parched complexions. Then, put on the cactus extract-infused sheet mask to revitalise and restore skin’s natural balance.