aesthetic treatments christmas

In case you didn’t get the memo, it’s less than 50 days to Christmas. While we’ve already started attending holiday parties and have gotten way too many selfies taken, it’s not too late to start prepping your face for the festivities to come. All that glittery festive makeup needs a good canvas, so here are some of the recommended facial and aesthetic treatments to get, stat!

For the quick fix and all round skin rejuvenation: Q-switch laser and chemical peel

Dr Rachel Ho of La Clinic is an expert on this combo and recommends it as “it’s fuss free and effective treatment for most skin woes like pigmentation,  comedones, dull skin and acne. The chemical peel exfoliates skin to get rid of dead skin cells and grime and allows newer, softer skin to emerge. The Q-switch laser gets rid of unwanted dark spots, brightens skin and reduces oiliness. Both these treatments have no downtime and are very safe. This treatment combination is very popular in my clinic, especially for events and holidays because it makes the skin more glowy and healthy.”

 Improving skin health and hydration for the long haul:  Rejuran Healer

Blowing out candles on a cake is fab and all until you start noticing collagen loss, dull skin and all the less fun stuff when it comes to aging. Dr Ho recommends the Rejuran Healer, a regenerative medical treatment that corrects some of the signs of aging such as loss of collagen and elasticity; dull skin and enlarged pores. According to Dr Ho, “The treatment involves microinjections of salmon DNA fragments called polynucleotides into the dermis of the skin. These polynucleotides have been found to initiate repair mechanisms at the cellular level of the skin and enhance collagen formation in the skin.”

Think of the Rejuran Healer as your personal time machine and you can look forward to reversal of fine wrinkles; smoother and firmer skin texture;  improved skin hydration and smaller pores. Dr Ho adds tha tit takes approximately 4 weeks for these benefits to be apparent, so plan ahead!

For the lunchtime fix: Hollywood Facial

Dr Komathy Rajaratnam of The Lifestyle Clinic says that the Hollywood Facial is great for anyone who wants a red carpet glow before a social event or even a wedding as the skin starts glowing immediately, and repeated monthly sessions will result in brighter, more radiant skin. The skin is first treated to a deep microdermabrasion with an infusion of hyaluronic acid at the same time. The microdermabrasion removes dead cells, unclogs blocked pores and stimulates collagen. Next, a Yag laser will be used on your skin which improves skin texture, diminishes pore size, reduces wrinkles and acne scars.

Finally, a mild glycolic peel will be applied, providing gentle exfoliation, and further stimulation of collagen.

For skin brightening: EPION Luminous Lift

EPION Clinic’s Dr Melvin Tan recommends the Luminous Lift, their secret to achieving smooth, clear and glowing skin. Combining 2 highly effective laser wavelengths using their Clarity laser: Long Pulsed 1064nm and 755nm, this treatment is excellent for skin firming, pore minimising, pigmentation removal, and facial hair reduction. The best part? Zero down time!

For Skin Tightening: EPION SygmaLift

If your side profile gives you the heebie jeebies, the EPION SygmaLift will help you lift and remodel your facial contours to get snatched. Meet EPION SygmaLift, a ​next gen High Intensity Focal Ultrasound (HIFU) treatment for facial remodeling and lifting; SygmaLift also combines Cold Laser for bio-stimulation and enhancing skin glow. ​EPION SygmaLift reinvents the facelift non-invasively, it is completely painless and more importantly gives great results with no downtime.