Like many Asians with smaller eyes, my lashes are spiky and tend to point in a downwards direction. Which is why I spend the bulk of my makeup time every morning priming, curling and applying a few coats of mascara to my lashes.

However, at a media event a few days ago I recently discovered the Albion Elegance Full Extension Mascara ($54) and it totally blew me away. In just three coats, it was able to add thickness and length, separate lashes and give them an obvious curl.

Made with a duo of fibers to add density and length to each of your lashes, it also has a quick drying ingredient that helps to secure the shape of your lashes as you brush it on in an upwards direction, and keeps the curl for hours.

The brush head has both a longer bristle side and a shorter bristle side. The length of the brush is adjusted to suit the width of Asian eyes, while the bristle hair is moderately firm to be able to pick up generous amounts of the base and facilitate clump-free application.

To get the full effect, first use the shorter bristle side to boost the volume of your lashes, followed by the longer bristle side to lengthen and de-clump. Perspiration and sebum-resistent, it is longlasting but can be easily removed with warm water.

Another thing we love about it: the mascara is made with a cocktail of lash-loving ingredients like Rosa Centifolia flower extract, soluble collagen and amino acids to nourish, hydrate and protect.