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Local skincare brand Alcheme may just have launched in May but is already making waves for its personalised skincare products aimed at targeting one’s primary skin concerns. To identify each individual’s needs, the brand uses a patented technology together with a comprehensive consultation service to better understand their concerns. To find out more about this month old bespoke skincare label, we talk to the founders Tuyen Lamy and Constance Mandefield and get them to share their travelling skincare essentials.

local skincare brand

On how the customisation process works

Tuyen Lamy and Constance Mandefield (TL and CM): “Customers begin with a consultation where they can rank their skin concerns and opt for the product they would like to purchase (i.e. serum and/or emulsion). Based on these priorities, we then choose the right active ingredients and dosages to address their specific skin needs. For every order placed, our skincare experts will also review the consultation and get in touch with the customer with follow-up questions, if required. Once all is confirmed, we’ll then personalise their products and ship them to their doorsteps.”

On the brand’s Facial Recognition Technology

TL and CM: “Developing an online skin consultation system was inspired by our conversations with women who shared that they were not completely confident about their skin concerns. It dawned on us that the way to move forward was to use innovation to bring accurate and educational skin assessments to each woman that, at the same time, would offer them accessibility and convenience. Our cutting-edge Facial Recognition Technology is built on algorithms that offer a unique way of assessing skin: it can be done anytime and anywhere, and you can get in touch with Alcheme’s skincare experts to share more specific skin issues or questions if you want or need to. The analysis is then used as a basis to create each personalised formula.”

local skincare brand
Alcheme Serum

The one skincare product they can’t live without

TL: “That would be my Alcheme serum. It helps brighten my complexion, while reducing my expression lines. I get a lot less of the “tired look” syndrome, despite my long work hours.”

CM: “I cannot go out without a hydrating serum, because being in an air-conditioned room most of the day makes my skin drier than ever.”

Three must-have skincare products when travelling

TM: “My top three picks, would be a cleanser, serum, sunscreen; but my very close fourth would be a mask, because when I travel, especially on long flights, I will  apply a mask in the plane to avoid having dehydrated skin on arrival.”

CM: “My three choices are actually quite similar. I would choose a good cleanser, a moisturiser, and a sunblock, depending on the destination.”

On taking care of your skin when travelling to sunnier, hotter climates

TM: “My advice would be to exfoliate – especially if you are on a beach holiday. Your skin will undergo an unusually harsh routine with excessive exposure to sun and water, and exfoliating can help remove dead cells and stimulate skin renewal. It will also help to prevent clogged pores and breakouts (which can happen when you come back from your holiday).”

CM: “Don’t forget to hydrate your skin. Even if your skin doesn’t feel tight, with the heat, your skin gets dehydrated, so remember to use a light moisturiser in order to maintain a glowing and radiant complexion.”

local skincare brand
Alcheme Emulsion

A quick go-to summer holiday makeup look

TM: “I usually reduce makeup to the bare minimum during my summer holidays. That would mean a simple lip colour and for dressier evenings, I would apply eyeliner.

CM: “I keep it simple as well with some blusher on the cheeks and a hydrating lip oil.

Their in-flight skincare practices

TM: “I am a big fan of putting on skincare masks on the plane. They can be either sheet masks or cream masks – as long as they have moisturising benefits. Of course, the sheet mask will likely attract more attention from your neighbours, but you’ll come off the plane looking fresh and rested, and that’s completely worth it for me.

CM: “Always hydrate your skin beforehand, and drink a lot during the flight. The air can be very dry in planes. Once you’ve arrived at your destination, apply a night mask to rehydrate and rejuvenate your skin.


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