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SIORIS Time Is Running Out Mist

I haven’t met a lot of mists I like. And if I do, like Tatcha’s, it honestly feels just like I’m throwing my hard earned Yusof Ishaks’ off a building every time I spritz it. It’s just not worth it. Enter Sioris’ Time Is Running Out Mist, a serum and oil-based mist that brightens and refreshes, while being so incredibly affordable at the same time.


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I have a strange love for FOREO’s devices. While I don’t see the grime that gets removed from my face like using a cleansing brush would, my evening doesn’t feel quite complete unless I finish it off with some facial buzzing action. Enter their LUNA 3; like their UFO device, the LUNA 3 syncs up to their app, a techy thrill that I really enjoy (What about an Apply Watch app too, FOREO?). Plus, it has wider range of 16 different power levels that allows you to customise your cleansing routine. Did I mention that crazy long battery life? 650 uses on a single charge!