Peruse through my Instagram account and you would know I wear a ton of makeup – think full coverage foundation, a smokey eye and dark lips. But recently, I’ve been trying to adopt the “less is more” approach and making an effort to cut down the various steps in the morning. A full coverage foundation used to be my must-have product on my vanity, but I have since become more flexible and eager in trying out lighter coverage foundations and makeup that brings out and enhances my features.

So when I heard that Japanese beauty brand Three, known for its skin-loving philosophy backed by science and technology, was launching a new foundation called the Angelic Synthesis Foundation Serum ($85), which is made with a slew of skincare ingredients and gives natural coverage, my interest was immediately piqued. After testing it out for a week, here’s what I think about it.

#1: It’s got a lot of skincare benefits

Since starting my “no makeup” makeup journey, I have been paying more attention to my skincare routine to ensure my complexion looks great even without using any type of base makeup. I am also always on the hunt for products that boast a high content of skincare ingredients and this new foundation is exactly that.

As its name suggests, this features a formula that is made with a foundation and a daytime skincare serum. It contains 83 per cent naturally derived ingredients including a rich blend of botanical oils and extracts to hydrate and nourish my complexion. After using it multiple times, my pores did not feel too clogged and my skin did not seem dull.

angelic synthesis foundation serum

#2: It gives you a very natural and healthy glow

It is also formulated with three types of powders known as Clear Crystal, Translucent and Silky Fit. These work together with the serum portion to create a formula that (once applied on skin) reflects light to impart a gorgeous glow and radiance. As I have combination skin, I will then apply a setting powder to the areas where I tend to get oily through the day. Besides that, it gives a second-skin finish with a light coverage that’s buildable. On days when I need more coverage, I apply concealer before the foundation.

#3: It is super lightweight

When it comes to base makeup, I am sure we all prefer one that feels comfortable without any tightness and I was really impressed at how weightless this foundation feels on my skin.

#4: And longlasting

As I am constantly out (read: I love to party), I prefer a longlasting foundation that still sits well on my skin. This really fits the bill as the formula adheres closely to the skin without budging, smudging and settling into my fine lines.

angelic synthesis foundation serum

#5: The packaging is a bonus

C’mon, who doesn’t like a product that looks absolutely Insta-worthy? This comes in a frosted glass packaging that fits perfectly in any palm. I also personally love the dropper applicator as I am able to control the amount of product being dispensed.