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6 Anti-Acne Devices For Clearer Skin

These wonder devices will zap your zits faster than you can say “Abracadabra!”

Acne, along with a questionable sense of style, are some of the laughable and unpleasant reminders of our teenage years past. However, thanks to factors like air pollution, lack of sleep and unbalanced diet, adult acne has been on the rise and is quickly becoming something that an increasing number of us have to deal with. Aside from breakouts caused by the menstrual cycle (in the days leading up to our period, the estrogen level in our body dips while the testosterone level stays put, causing an imbalance of hormones, which lead to overactive sebum production and inevitably, an increase in the incidence of breakouts), a diet that is high in sugar and even milk has been linked to acne. Throw in our exposure to air pollution and all that nasty dirt and grime that gets trapped in our pores and you get a winning formula for breakouts, well into our adult years.

Which explains why acne treatments are consistently among the most sought-after in Singapore. And more often than not, when it comes to dealing with acne, all you have to do is follow these three, simple steps: cleanse, disinfect and calm. If you pay attention to products that are marketed to combat acne, they usually do at least one of the three. For starters, cleansing your skin thoroughly is a must-do for all skin types, and even more so for those who are prone to acne because dirt, sebum and dead skin cells that are left to accumulate will only create the most conducive environment for acne-causing bacteria to grow and proliferate. Next, it is also important to kill these acne-causing bacteria and one of the most common ingredients found in topical skincare products that does this is benzoyl peroxide. Lastly, as acne is considered inflammation, it is also crucial to hydrate and soothe skin with calming ingredients like aloe vera.

Thankfully, beauty companies recognise the evolving needs of consumers and have been constantly upgrading product offerings to satisfy the growing demands of savvy men and women. And with busy urbanites leading increasing time-starved lives, the demand for at-home devices that deliver salon-like results have been steadily on the rise. While we are no strangers to devices like sonic cleansing brushes and facial massage rollers, there is a whole world of DIY devices that are designed to target every skin concern from wrinkles, lifting and acne. From deep exfoliation to LED light therapy that eliminates acne-causing bacteria, here are the ones to check out if you want to treat angry zits in the comfort of your own home:

Dr. Dennis Gross DRx SpectraLite FaceWare Pro, $709
With this new-age face mask, you’ll be able to combat acne and fight signs of ageing in one go. With a combination of 100 lights in red nmode and 62 lights in blue mode, they work together to penetrate the skin to produce collagen and destroy acne-causing bacteria respectively. Plus, the face mask makes it a great hands-free option to integrate into your skincare routine, allowing you to get busy while your skin gets pampered. Skin Inc Optimiser Voyage Blue Light, $258
Ten minutes daily is all you need for clearer, calmer skin with this handy device from Skin Inc. Designed specifically to soothe irritation, minimise redness and heal blemishes, this emits blue LED light which is able to reach hair follicles and pores directly to kill bacteria that are lurking beneath skin’s surface. All you have to do is direct the probe onto zits and areas prone to breakouts while you’re catching up on Netflix. The result? Pimples are instantly calmed and swelling is visibly reduced while skin is noticeably clearer within a few weeks of continued use. In addition, it also emits Low Frequency Therapy to enhance skin’s absorption of active ingredients for optimal benefits. Be sure to use this only with water-based products. FOREO ESPADA Acne-Clearing Blue Light Pen, $209 (Sephora)
Inspired by in-clinic anti-acne treatments, this super high-tech pen combines professional-level blue LED light and the brand’s proprietary T-Sonic pulsations to target acne-causing bacteria specifically. As a result, blemishes are instantly and gently reduced without any discomfort or pain. Plus, the device is covered in medical-grade silicone, which further inhibits the spread of bacteria on the skin and makes cleaning and maintaining the device a breeze. Its nifty size also makes it an ideal travelling companion. Ya-Man Circle Peeling Pro, $259 (Tangs)
With three pre-set modes: Peeling, Pore and Tightening, this mainly targets thorough exfoliation of the skin to deeply purge pores of sebum, dirt and grime. The Peeling mode dislodges stubborn dead skin cells with its ultrasonic micro-vibration to reveal clearer, brighter skin; the Pore mode features ionic cleansing to deeply cleanse clogged pores and eliminate keratin plugs, while the Tightening mode provides micro-vibration massage and reduces the appearance of pores. Calla Derm Smooth Perfectionist, $348 (Clariancy)
For an all-in-one skin-clearing device, look no further than this. It combines microdermabrasion, vacuum suction as well as LED blue light to deep cleanse congestion-prone skin and eliminate redness and acne-causing bacteria. Use the microdermabrasion function once or twice a week to allow its gentle micro-diamond tip to slough away dead skin cells and stimulate cellular renewal. Next, use the vacuum suction mode to eliminate comedones for clearer and more refined skin. And finally, the LED blue light helps keep acne-causing bacteria at bay and calms redness. TANDA Clear+ Professional Acne Clearing Solution, $398 (Clariancy)
Approved by the FDA as an acne-clearing treatment, TANDA Clear+ uses a combination of blue light therapy, sonic vibrations and gentle warming to combat breakouts. Thanks to its specifically calibrated blue light, it penetrates beneath skin surface to destroy bacteria responsible for acne. It also emits sonic vibrations to increase microcirculation and reduce swelling while the warming effect softens comedones for more effective deep cleansing. For optimal results, use device on problem areas for about three minutes twice a day. Suitable for at-home use, you can count on this for professional results without any harshness. Riiviva Microderm, $598 (Clariancy)
Bid farewell to dullness, uneven skin tone, pigmentation and acne scars with your very own at-home microdermabrasion device. Made with medical-grade precise diamond tip, this easy-to-use device is gentle to skin and offers professional results. After cleansing, pat dry your skin before running the tip of this device all over your face, concentrating on areas that are prone to dullness and congested pores, like around the T-zone. The microdermabrasion tip gentle exfoliates the surface of the skin, while a gentle vacuum sweeps away the debris to reveal clearer, brighter and smoother skin.