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7 Anti-Ageing Cream Masks That Give Tired, Dull Skin A Boost

#1: La Mer The Lifting and Firming Mask, $350
This serum-strength sculpting mask supports skin’s natural collagen production while lifting and tightening the neck area. It has the brand’s signature Concentrated Miracle Broth to boost repair and renewal, as well as soothe irritation. A blend of brown algae, marine peptides and marine plant stem cells helps to increase skin density and elasticity for a more sculpted, youthful appearance. #2: Origins Plantscription Powerful Lifting Overnight Mask, $110
This sleeping mask has red algae and sweet almond extract that is said to be able to visibly lift and re-sculpt facial contours to add firmness and density. It also has anogeissus bark extract – a powerful anti-ageing ingredient that helps boosts skin’s natural fibrillin (the structural component in skin responsible for giving skin elasticity and “bounce”) – to add firmness and density to skin’s support structure. It’s gel-cream texture also helps to hydrate your complexion as you snooze. #3: Chanel Le Lift Masque de Massage, $116
This rich, creamy mask contains edulis plant extract which supposedly helps to stimulate the production of youth proteins, while creating an environment that encourages the proper development of fibroblasts. It also has neroli extract to help regulate mircrocirculation, while decongesting skin. Recommended to be applied with massaging motions, this strengthens and revitalises the skin, leaving it soothed, supple and glowing. #4: YSL Beaute Forever Youth Liberator Intensive Masque, $119
This refreshing gel mask has the exclusive ingredient glycanactif to stimulate cell renewal and hyaluronic acid to hydrate and plump skin. It gently exfoliates to remove dead skin for a brighter, smoother appearance. In just five minutes, the complexion looks fresher, more youthful and lifted. #5: Kenzoki Bell du Jour Dream Night Mask, $136
This is like Xanax for your skin, with none of the side effects. The overnight mask has white lotus extract that helps to soothe and relax by cocooning skin in a protective bubble. It’s clinically proven to be able to reduce the level of cortisol (a hormone that increases under stress), while stimulating the production of beta-endorphins (the happy molecule) to leave skin relaxed and calmer, with less tension lines. It also helps to stimulate cellular metabolism to boost skin’s self-repairing abilities. The marshmallow-y textured cream has Belle de Nuit floral extract to rebalance skin by reducing the harmful effects of damage accumulated during the day from pollution and UV rays, acting like a repairing ointment to cells. #6: La Prairie Skin Caviar Luxe Sleep Mask, $555
This multi-tasking formula is formulated with caviar extract to firm and lift, while sunflower seed oil replenishes skin’s moisture levels. Carica papaya enzymes help to naturally exfoliate skin, giving you a softer, smoother complexion. This not only helps to reverse the damage from sun’s rays and the city’s assaults, it leaves you with fewer wrinkles and a healthy glow the morning after. #7: Glamglow Youthmud Tinglexfoliate Treatment, $92, Escentials
This mud mask gives you instant results in just 10 minutes. It contains mud from France’s Mediterranean Sea as well as ancient volcanic pumice rock to exfoliate, boost collagen production and absorb impurities without removing natural oils, giving you firmer skin and tighter pores. It also has a blend of time-release antioxidants, such as super-squalene and polyphenols, to fight against free radical damage. Green tea helps to brighten, hydrate and balances skin. Like this? Check out these 7 great soothing treatments for sensitive skin.