While Benjamin Button’s freaky case of springing into being as an elderly man, before eventually turning into a baby, resulted in a bizarre life, I dare say that most women wouldn’t mind the ability to reverse our skin’s ageing process. And with skincare getting more and more scientific – to the point that it has the makings of a sci-fi flick – Japanese skincare label Cosme Decorte has come up with what’s one of the closest Button-esque attempts of all with its latest anti-ageing iP.Shot.

Inspired by one of the most important scientific breakthroughs in recent years, it’s the result of a study using collected cells of a single individual – most brands use different subjects – spanning more than 30 years, and includes a special ingredient that’s able to mimic the functioning of young stem cells not yet damaged by ageing.

Dubbed “iPS cells”, this research won Japanese scientist Shinya Yamanaka a Nobel Prize in 2012. Through it, he discovered that mature cells can be reprogrammed to become stem cells (ie cells that have yet to develop) and are capable of multiplying almost indefinitely, turning into different tissues of the body.

In one of the longest studies we’ve ever come across, Cosme Decorte’s research team drew from this technology to try to “reprogram” the fibroblast – the cell within the deeper layers of skin responsible for producing collagen and keeping skin’s elasticity – of a test subject. It then compared that reprogrammed cell to the natural cells of the same person collected at 36 years and 62 years of age. The aim: to see the differences in the cell makeup at different ages. And what did the study show? A significant decrease in the amount of SOD2, the antioxidant enzyme present in the fibroblast’s mitochondria as cells age.

Now let’s break down this science. For starters, you need to know that mitochondria fuels cells to work. The problem with them is that they let off harmful, age-causing active oxygen in the process, not unlike how energy plants release emission gases and fumes. The next thing you need to know is that SOD2 is the body’s natural self-defence that helps eliminate this oxygen. When it gets reduced with age, the cell gets damaged and the active oxygen is released, causing a drop in collagen production and existing collagen, and an increase in fine lines and wrinkles. In other words, nada Benjamin Button effect here.

anti aging serum cosme decorte ip shot

To deal with this, Cosme Decorte has come up with its own exclusive ingredient to protect the mitochondria function, and eliminate this active oxygen. Dubbed iP-Solution, it contains tocotrienol, a form of vitamin E with extremely strong antioxidant properties, said to be able to strengthen and protect the membrane of mitochondria. It also contains a duo of plant ingredients – polygonum bistorta root and jania rubens extracts – that supposedly helps get rid of active oxygen from cells.

To deliver this, the brand created iP.Shot (above, $140), a rich serum to be applied only to problem areas like the forehead, eye area and existing wrinkles. It not only claims to soften the look of lines, but also to prevent their formation. Does it come close to Benjamin Button-ing one’s skin?

Let’s just say its effects unfold quicker than the duration of the 2008 movie. Immediately, skin looks lifted and feels slightly taut upon application, while hydrating and brightening benefits mean a more even, vibrant complexion. Bet Brad Pitt could do with some now.


This story first appeared in Female‘s November 2016 issue. 

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