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Anti-Pollution Beauty Products Are Your Skin's New Best Friend

Pollution might just be the main hindrance to achieving a clearer complexion.


If you are living in an urban environment like us, then it’s a given that you are constantly exposed to hidden airborne pollutants that can cause serious health issues such as cancer and heart diseases. And this problem is getting more and more serious. Growing up, the harmful effects pollution causes to our skin, being the largest organ, was often overlooked. Fast-forward to 2018,  many people have become more aware of the damage it can cause our skin, from irritating and inflaming skin, clogging pores and accelerating premature ageing.

With the rise of this issue, the beauty industry responded accordingly by creating more products that offered anti-pollution properties. According to Mintel, a global market research firm, over 38 per cent of new beauty products launched in the Asia Pacific market in 2016 carried an anti-pollution claim, up from just 28 per cent of launches in the region in 2015.

Although we may not see or feel the effects of pollution immediately, it can cause your skin to deteriorate in the long run if you do not take any action. Skin will slowly begin to lose its radiance as pollutants form a coat that envelops our entire skin, causing it to darken. This happens gradually and happens without people even noticing it. And when skin is blocked by a layer of harmful substances, pores will get easily clogged causing breakouts and congestion. Airborne toxins also slow down collagen production, resulting in skin losing its elasticity. Together with UV rays from the sun, the combination depletes oxygen from skin cells, which then leads to an increase in rough patches, wrinkles and acne.