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One of the perks of writing about beauty is having the opportunity to try out a wide variety of facial treatments (check out all our reviews here), but this is one definitely has our undivided attention. Known as the Astronaut Facial ($380) — said to be the first of its kind in Singapore — this treatment is catered to those dealing with irritable and sensitive complexions, and those in search of a soothing treatment to calm and speed up recovery time of post-laser skin.

The 10-step facial treats such complexions through four key features. Firstly, a bubble foam helps to deeply cleanse pores before a scaling procedure with a water activator and oxy-jet spray is done to calm and remove dead skin cells. Next, customers are pampered with an oxygen-infused lymphatic drainage face massage to lift and plump up the skin as well as stimulate the skin’s natural healing function. Strong oxygen pressure is then used to improve blood flow and skin pigmentation while promoting collagen formation, thus helping damaged skin regenerate without the risk of infection. Lastly, the dome (hence, astronaut), which is essentially an oxygen mist therapy paired together with a customised LED light therapy function (Red, Purple and Blue, depending on the customers’ skin concern) is placed over the face and neck.

The 60-minute treatment ends off with the application of various plant-based skincare products curated by Caring Skin facial spa.

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