Skin boosters are one of the more common types of injectables that do good to the skin. For one, it imparts longlasting moisture for a hydrated and plump complexion and some even help to boost radiance. While they do improve one’s skin quality, hyaluronic acid skin boosters may not be the most ideal in repairing and healing acne-prone skin and eczema. To treat such concerns, you might want to try out Rejuran Healer.

According to medical director and founder of Ageless Medical Dr. Lam Bee Lan, Rejuran Healer is a regenerative medicine that repairs, restores and replaces damaged cells, tissues or organs in the human body. And just like any other injectable, the treatment is pretty simple: the doctor will inject a solution into the skin (on the fibroblast area), which will directly stimulate cells and increase the production of collagen and hyaluronic acid. This then repairs skin, helping to treat common skin concerns like fine lines, wrinkles, acne, scars and even eczema. Unlike skin boosters which typically just hydrate skin, this actually heals and repairs complexions.

Another aspect of this treatment that makes it different from others in the market is its solution injected into the skin. Dr. Lam shares that she only injects pure salmon sperms as they contain the highest concentration of highly purified DNA that is biocompatible with human DNA (don’t worry, it has been approved by the Health Science Authority in Singapore) and a ton of healing and repairing benefits.

After multiple injections on the skin (and neck), your face will inevitably swell up and there will be noticeable rows of bumps on the skin. While it does take about 24 hours for the swelling to calm down, Dr. Lam suggests doing the LDM Lumi-Rejuvenate Medi-Facial immediately after to soothe the skin and shorten the downtime to 12 hours.

This facial treatment is essentially a dual-frequency ultrasound system that combines different frequencies in one LDM wave, allowing penetration of nearly 0.3 cm, which constitutes the upper skin layers. This effectively targets both the superficial and deeper layers of the skin to reduce acne and inflammation, as well as induce visible skin lifting and tightening results. After each session, the skin is visibly brighter and lifted. After four treatment sessions, one can feel the changes on face shape and the refining effect on skin texture, skin tone, pores, and wrinkles.

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