#1: Not washing off your makeup – thoroughly – when you get home. It might sound basic but many women tend to neglect this. Leaving on your makeup too long will not only lead to sensitivity but can also cause breakouts and clogged pores. Basically, everything we hate.

#2: Only conditioning the ends of your hair. This leads to unhealthy locks as the entire length of your hair needs that extra boost of moisture. Apply it from the roots to tips, avoiding the scalp.

#3: Applying too much bronzer or blusher. This is not 2012 and no one wants to look like the Kardashians during their pre-Kanye era. Strong bronze and blushers can also look harsh on fair complexions. If you really want an ultra-contoured appearance, a better alternative is to use a highlighting cream.

#4: Keeping your eye makeup around for too long, especially if your peepers are sensitive. You should replace makeup like mascara or liquid eyeliners every three months. And if your mascara looks flakey, it’s probably too dry and needs to be tossed.

#5: Not using skincare on your neck. It is actually one of the earliest areas that show age and need extra TLC. If you’re really too lazy to nourish your neck, at least apply any leftover face moisturiser on your hands after you apply your skincare. However, this only flies until your 30s, after which you should use a proper neck product.

#6: Towelling your hair. It might seem harmless but the excessive friction can weaken your locks. A better option is to use tissues to squeeze out excess water. A more environmentally friendly option is using an old, worn t-shirt to pat dry locks.

#7: Not using moisturiser. You would be surprised to know the number of Singaporean women who skip their moisturiser in favour of serums because of the former’s thicker textures. Serums have a smaller molecular size making it easier to penetrate to the deeper layers of skin. Moisturisers, on the other hand, are designed to hydrate the outer layer of skin and strengthen your protective barrier. Both are equally essential to a healthy complexion and are not interchangable.

#8: Showering with hot water daily. This is actually very drying as the heat can actually strips skin of hydrating essential oils. It’s alright to treat yourself once in a while with a hot bath, but we would recommend cool or lukewarm water on a daily basis. Our personal trick: we end off our showers with a burst of really cold water to help boost circulation, tighten pores and refresh our skin.

#9: Brushing or combing hair when it’s still very wet. This is when your locks are at its weakest so you should wait until your strands are at least semi-dry.

#10: Sleeping too little and drinking insufficient water. Sufficient rest is essential to getting a healthy, rosy complexion. Sleep deprivation can actually lower circulation, which makes you look pale and washed out the morning after. Water is also essential to circulation and lymphatic drainage to give you a healthier complexion.

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