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How to Get Beachy Waves Like A Victoria’s Secret Angels

Easy, beachy, beautiful - here are 3 ways to sport iconic VS waves

The 1999 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show – the first show that was broadcast to the public – featured models such as Heidi Klum and Tyra Banks with long, jet-straight hair. As the show grew in scale and popularity, the one hairstyle that constantly stood out throughout the years was the enviable beachy waves that the models would sport walking down the glittered runway, with the wind in their hair. The Beachwaver S1 – a rotating curling iron – was even created especially to emulate the hairstyle. The care-free, tousled look has taken precedence and imperfect is the new perfect.

Here are three ways to get that effortless-looking (we say that because achieving the look requires some serious effort) glamorous waves.


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Get a perm
Beachy waves run the gamut from loose waves to tighter curls, so you need to choose the correct perm depending on how tight you want your curls to be. For a softer look with looser curls, Japanese perms are the way to go. If voluminous hair is the aim, go for a Korean perm. Though these are the two more common perms, the setting of the perm will depend on factors such as the texture and condition of your hair, the skill of your hairdresser, the type of perming solution used, and even the temperature used to perm your hair, you should have a clear consultation with your hairdresser before committing to the treatment. Photo: Shutterstock Braid your hair
If you’re looking for a less permanent way to get beachy waves, braiding your hair and keeping them in place for an hour, or better yet, overnight, will help you achieve loose, beachy curls. We find that braiding the hair while it’s damp yields more defined curls – though make sure to dry your hair roots and scalp before braiding, because dampness can cause scalp irritation and encourage bacterial and fungal growth. The best way is to blow-dry the roots of your hair and scalp, then braid your hair, then blow-dry everything before going to bed. Photo: Shutterstock Tong your hair
It’s the most reliable way to get defined and runway-worthy beachy waves, but it also requires the most effort – and loads of practice before you can do it right. Use a heated tong and wrap sections of your hair around the curler. The curls should spiral away from your face at the sides to frame your face better. If the curls spiral inwards, towards your face, it can make your face look bigger and shorter because of the volume and shape it creates. For the rest of your hair, you can work the spiral in whichever direction feels more intuitive to you. Once you’ve got the curls in place, work some hair wax and finger comb through to create texture and to hold the curls in place. Photo: Shutterstock