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The 45 Most Important Skincare And Makeup Tips Of All Time

All the best beauty tips from industry experts, insiders and, nuggets from our very own experiences.

1. Don’t ever skip out on SPF. President of Supergoop! Amanda Baldwin is a big believer of applying sunscreen to protect skin from UV rays that will cause skin ageing and uneven skin tone over time.

2. Remember to top it up throughout the day. It won’t stay on your skin from dusk to dawn.

3. Removing your makeup and cleansing your skin thoroughly is so important. You need to remove all the dirt, grime and gunk to let your skin breathe and prevent congestion and clogged pores, which could lead to unwanted breakouts, dullness and an unhealthy-looking complexion otherwise.

4. Always apply a good moisturiser. It does not matter whether you have oily or dry skin — your skin needs moisture to function effectively.

5. Anti-pollution products should be your best friend if you live in the city, to prevent the damaging effects it has on skin.

6. You need an eye cream, stat. The skin around your peepers is the first to show signs of ageing, so it is crucial to apply eye cream to prevent wrinkles, lines and dark circles.

7. A good lip mask or treatment will save your dry puckers. Always apply them at night before bed.

8. Facial oils are god sent. And no, having combination or oily skin does not mean you can’t use them. They do not clog pores, and allow better absorption of other skincare products that follow.

9. Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate. Scrubs, peels or acids — you pick your poison. Removing dead skin cells not only brighten complexions but also get rid of dirt that may cause acne.

10. Remember this: apply your skincare products based on the texture. So, the most lightweight, water-based types go on first.

11. And always apply them on your neck too. You don’t want to neglect the skin on your neck which will show signs of ageing.

12. If you don’t ever use a mask (be it a sheet mask or overnight sleeping mask), it’s time you start doing so. Just like how we consume supplements and vitamins to better our overall health, our skin needs that additional boost too — and masks do just that.

13. Book yourself in for a facial treatment. Your skin needs to be examined and taken care of properly, and getting extraction done and other procedures will help improve its condition.

14. Brand manager of Hera, Youjin Choi believes that we should never skip out on applying serums. Serums are used to help combat a certain skin concern such as dark spots, fine lines and wrinkles.

15. Less might actually be more. Know and understand your skin needs before applying any skincare product to ensure your routine is as concise and effective for your complexion.

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