When Their Powers Combine

We heart skincare products that juggle multiple roles the same way we heart multi-hyphenate It girls.  Here, four from French beauty giant Lancome: two new, two perennial favourites.


From left:

Hydrate + Refresh + Exfoliate
Besides delivering an intense shot of moisture, the new Energie de Vie The Illuminating & Purifying Exfoliating Mask ($85) perks skin up by reportedly lowering its temperature. It also has lemon peel, jojoba pearls and vegetal glycerol to gently slough away dead skin.

Remove Makeup + Cleanse

Also new, Miel-en-Mousse ($75) is a viscous liquid (it’s made with acacia honey) that dissolves even heavy makeup, before turning into a mousse when emulsified to remove all residue.


From left:

Firm + Smooth + Brighten + Heal

Absolue Precious Cells Advanced Regenerating And Repairing Care ($390) covers all of the above (aka all your anti-ageing needs) with a blend of oils, extracts and cells from different varieties of roses.

Tone + Prep + Re-hydrate 

Tonique Comfort ($52-$78) has acacia honey and sweet almond extract to moisturise and soften skin, in turn allowing it to soak up the remaining products in your skincare routine full on.

Afternoon Swimming (1980), lithograph on view at David Hockney: A Matter Of Perspective at STPI till Sept 9

A Bigger Splash


The raging heat has us hankering for ocean breezes, and two new scents put a refreshingly feel-good spin on classic nautical fragrances. Tom Ford Private Blend Oud Minerale ($350) combines pink peppercorn, seaweed, oud and fir balsam for a sprightly, salty-sweet mix that recalls bayside campfires. Hermes Eau des Merveilles Bleue ($233) blends briny sea scents with warm patchouli, dry woods and stony mineral accents. Its effect? Think summer on a yacht.

Flash Mob


Lately, the kind of glow that’s been exciting us most is Netflix’s comedy about women wrestlers, though these energising skincare that boost radiance come close. With a hydrating, skin-smoothing ingredient found in sake, RMK’s Moist Foaming Soap ($54) reportedly improves circulation and, in turn, reduces the look of dark circles. Also reviving tired eyes is Sulwhasoo’s Timetreasure Renovating Eye Serum ($348), which has an anti-ageing active derived from red pine to firm saggy skin, as well as red and white ginseng to combat dullness. Its accompanying 24K gold-plated massager is also said to perk up the complexion. To recharge skin that’s dehydrated from the effects of a busy lifestyle, Fresh’s lightweight Vitamin Nectar Moisture Glow Face Cream ($77) works like a daily vitamin dose. It’s loaded with citrus fruit extracts, essential minerals and a natural flavonoid to keep skin looking healthy and, well, glowing.


Hold That Grin Now


The 10,000 steps we should take daily to keep our bodies healthy? Good. The over 10,000 times we blink daily? Not so good – not when such natural micro movements (along with smiling, frowning, laughing and squinting) increase the development of facial lines. With two kinds of hyaluronic acid and a protective viscoelastic polymer, Estee Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair Eye Concentrate Matrix ($113) serum tries to strengthen and cushion the thin skin around our peepers against this by supercharging it with moisture. This also means it’s supposed to work on the signs of ageing. Wink.



Founded in 2010 by French siblings Julien and Amandine Azencott, Codage’s personalised approach to beauty (bespoke skincare, complete with bottles engraved with the formula and customer’s initials) has made it a global hit. Now, here comes the pret-a-porter alternative to its “couture” range: off-the-shelf serums with complementary cleansers, masks and creams ($55-$370, Escentials). Each is packed with a different cocktail of nutrients to suit skin’s varying needs – from an anti-blemish effect for breakouts, to brightening and energising after those late nights out.

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This story first appeared in Female’s August 2017 issue.

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