UV rays are detrimental to skin, but impurities from air pollutants and makeup are just as bad. Cue irritation, free radical attacks, and clogged pores. Try these three new sunscreens that protect skin from harmful pollutants and other irritants:

Shiseido Future Solution LX Universal Defense SPF50+/PA++++, $112

new sunscreens shiseido

With anti-ageing and free radical-fighting properties, this sunscreen has an anti-pollution powder that stays on the surface of skin, so pollutants like dust don’t come into direct contact with your face.

Nivea Extra White Make Up Starter 3 in 1 Moisturising Day Serum SPF33/PA+++,
$15.90, Guardian

new sunscreens nivea

A brightening serum that also works as a moisturiser and sunscreen, it creates a physical block, preventing the chemicals and powders in makeup from entering skin, and warding off clogged pores and irritation.

Lancaster Skin Therapy Day Shield UV-Pollution SPF30/PA+++, $67, Sephora

new sunscreens lancaster

This sunscreen not only protects against UVA, UVB and infrared rays, but also shuts out ultra-fine air-borne particles emitted from motor vehicles and industrial processes that are invisible to the naked eye.

An adapted version first appeared in 
Female’s October issue.

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