chanel lipsticks rouge allure

chanel lipsticks rouge allure collection 2015

The Chanel Rouge Allure range of lip products are known for being intense, bold yet luminous. Thanks to its high concentration of finely ground pigments, the shades are radiant and strong, and can be found in velvet, satiny or pearlescent finishes. We break down how to choose the perfect Rouge Allure product for you, ahead of its Nov 13 launch:

Chic and timeless

Women who love classic lipsticks will adore Chanel’s Rouge Allure ($48 each). Hydrating with a subtle sheen, it leaves your puckers feeling and looking soft, with a satiny wash of colour that’s feminine and sophisticated.

chanel lipsticks rouge allure
(L to R): Chanel Rouge Allure in Eblouissante, Inspiree and Pensive

Eblouissante: the dazzling distinction of a red with bluish accents
Inspiree: the striking elegance of a brown softened with pink (limited edition)
Pensive: a delicate and sophisticated rosy beige

Bold and modern

Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet ($48 each) has the perfect mix of luminosity with a matte finish. Its strong colour intensity packs a punch, while its creamy texture leaves lips feeling hydrated and comfortable.

chanel lipsticks rouge allure velvet
(L to R) Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet in L’Indomptable, La Fascinante and La Mysterieuse

L’Indomptable: the vivacity of an audacious electric pink
La Mysterieuse: the subtlety of a rosewood with coppery accents (limited edition)
La Fascinante: an intense bluish red

Fun and easy

If you prefer something with no fuss or muss, then a gloss is always a good way to go. The Chanel Rouge Allure Gloss ($46 each) goes one step further. It combines the easy application and shine of a gloss with the colour intensity of a lipstick.

chanel lipsticks rouge allure gloss
(L to R): Chanel Rouge Allure Gloss in Expressive, Ideale and Supreme

Expressive: the precision of an intense pink warmed with bronze (limited edition)
Ideale: the poetry of a graceful pink with golden and silver shimmers (limited edition)
Supreme: a vibrant bluish pink

For the pros

Every lipstick junkie knows a lip pencil is a must-have in her beauty arsenal. It not only adds definition and shape to your puckers, but also prevents colour from bleeding and prolongs wear. The soft, supple glide-on tip of Chanel’s Le Crayon Levres ($32) traces the contours of your lips with a clean, satiny matte line to match with the lipsticks and glosses of the collection.

Chanel lipsticks Le Crayon Levres
Chanel Le Crayon Levres in Fuchsia (top) and Natural (bottom)

Fuchsia: a fuchsia pink
Natural: a rosy beige


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