get glowing skin fast

get glowing skin fast

#1: Exfoliate your skin

Our skin has a natural renewal process which gets rid of older cells every 28 days. However, as we get older, the system slows down, leaving dead surface skin cells which dull our complexion. A simple solution is to scrub your face once to twice a week, depending on how sensitive your skin is. This removes dead skin cells, allowing for better light reflection and a more radiant visage.

    1. #2: Use a hydrating serum

Yes, we do mean hydrating and not brightening (though the latter will definitely help too). When skin is plump, it better reflects light to make your complexion look brighter and more luminous. And the best way to plump up skin: use a moisture-infusing serum.

    1. #3: Apply a blue or lilac-tinged sunscreen or primer

Coloured bases like Make Up For Ever’s Skin Equalizers help to immediately hide sallowness and brighten skin. In a nutshell: They’re a great way to look fairer instantly.


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