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All The Beauty Empties I'm Bringing Into 2020

Female collective member and beauty enthusiast Trishna Goklani gives us the lowdown on all the holy grail beauty empties she's bringing into the new decade.

All images by Trishna Goklani 

Firstly, let me confess: I’m an extreme hoarder and have a habit for holding on to things for too long. Besides old receipts (they’re memories!) and clothing that hasn’t seen daylight in years, I simply cannot get rid of my beauty products. I should, of all people, know that they expire at a certain point and I need to throw them out.

As someone who receives beauty products from brands every now and then, it can sometimes be slightly overwhelming when you’re looking for a refill for your moisturiser and come across five completely different products in your stash to choose from: Anti-aging? Lightweight and hydrating? Gel or creme?

I finally had a major clear out last year of all the things that don’t (yes) spark joy – or had expired months ago, oops – but there are just some beauty products that I’m still hanging on to til the last few drops. Below, a round up of all the products I’m bringing into 2020 despite the whole new year new spiel – yes, because they’re that good.

Make Up Forever Water Blend Foundation, $72
With a no-fuss beauty routine, I tend to stick to products that I know will work well for me no matter the occasion. As a brown girl, my love/hate relationship with foundation stems deep. Luckily for me, I’ve finally found (after many years) the one type of foundation that I know will definitely be in my checkout cart when I run out. There’s just something about the water blend formula that sits so well on my skin and doesn’t leave me feeling like I’ve caked on too much. It also never feels heavy or oily at the end of the day. Too Faced Matte Lips in Lady Balls, $34
Do any of you have that one product that you know will stay with you for life? That’s the case for this Too Faced lip shade for me. It’s hard to find a red that’s deep enough for your skin tone and looks amazing no matter where you go, so when I came across this I knew it was a keeper. Once I finally loosen the grip on this empty tube I’m still desperately hanging on to, I’m definitely making a beeline to the Too Faced store. Zitsticka Killa Spot Clarifying Patch Kit, $46 for a box of 8
While my skin is generally non-problematic, I do get the occasional spot from time to time. I’ve never really trusted pimple patches till I came across Zitsticka. Each patch comes with self-dissolving microdarts that are infused with a cocktail of ingredients that work to fight the nasties in your skin. I usually pop them on at night when I spot a surfacing zit and it reduces significantly by the next morning. Glossier’s Rose Balm Dot Com, $23
This cult-favourite needs no introduction. A fan of all things rose, I was initially very hesitant to part with £10 (SGD$23) for a small tube of lip balm when there are tons of other cheaper alternatives. I gave into temptation when I had the chance to go to one of Glossier’s ultra grammable pop-ups in London. Not only does it give a slightly rosy tint, it’s lightweight and does the trick – also very handy for when you have dry cuticles and rough elbows. What’s not to love about a multi-purpose product? Liz Earle Beauty Tonic, £16 ($28)
This toner is such a simple, easy product that I reach for every morning. Over time I’ve come to realise that I have extremely sensitive skin. This gentle and alcohol-free toner has naturally active ingredients to hydrate, soothe and refresh, fragranced with pure essential oils of lavender, sweet orange and rose-scented geranium. It always leaves my skin feeling slightly more hydrated. Jo Malone’s Pomegranate Noir, price available in-store
For years I’ve searched for a scent that was ‘me’. I didn’t know how much I could fall in love with a new scent till I unboxed Jo Malone’s Pomegranate Noir two christmases ago. The notes of Pomegranate, Casablanca Lily and Guaicwood make this scent a perfect combination of masculine and musky that’s still a little bit sweet and light. To my surprise, it’s been the only scent in my collection I’ve actually managed to use up. I’m still hanging onto the almost-empty bottle, saving the last few spritzes for special occasions. Sephora Eyeliner, $19
My mother’s been a fan of The Body Shop’s liquid eyeliner since my teens and when they discontinued it, she switched onto this one from Sephora’s own brand. Luckily for me, she always bought them in bulk cause she knew I’d steal them. A single pot can last for months and hardly ever dries out like the pen ones do. Not only that, the superfine tip ensures that my cat eye is on point, all the time. Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant, $103
Dermalogica’s Daily Microfoliant is a special rice-based enzyme powder that exfoliates and leaves your skin fresh and clean. It’s safe to use daily and all you have to do is mix the fine powder with a bit of water before massaging it into your skin. The one thing you have to be careful about though is ensuring you screw its lid tightly back on. Otherwise, you run the risk of accidentally ending up with aa bottle full of lumpy bits like I did!     YSL All Hours Foundation, $88
This is something I carry around in my makeup-pouch when I’m on the go simply because of its compact packaging and how easy it is to use. Just swipe onto your skin for a midday touch up and blend it out easily. While it’s technically a foundation, I usually use it as a concealer while alternating between the previously mentioned water blend foundation.