Beauty Junkie Level 1: Nastazsa

Instagram: @nastazsa

Key Takeaways:

1) Keep everything tucked away. To ensure that your vanity area stays as clutter-free as possible, make sure you make use of storage options fully. Nastazsa found some trays that fit perfectly into her vanity drawers  so that no space is wasted. The different trays also help sort and organise your makeup products.

2) Splurge on a fancy pen holder. Invest in a beautiful pen holder and use it to hold your brushes while doubling up as a beautiful display ornament. You can also re-use one of your empty candle holders to organise your brushes.

3) Get your hands on stackable trays and bowls. To hold products that you use frequently, try organising them with trays or clear bowls. If you’re into collecting healing crystals, you can also store them in little bowls that will sit beautifully on your vanity.

Beauty Junkie Level 5—Karen Yeung

Instagram: @iamkareno

Key Takeaways:

1) Compartmentalise. When you are a budding beauty junkie, beauty products can easily crowd your vanity. Keep them all neatly tucked away in a chest of drawers if you can so you can maximum satisfaction and minimum clutter. Karen organises her stuff according to product type in each individual drawers, i.e. she has one for brow products, one for sheet masks, one for body products etc, you get the drift.

2) Strategise. As you can see, there are no labels on Karen’s drawers. This means that she has organised each drawers in a system that makes it easy for her to remember where all the products go. For example, she stores her foundations in consecutive drawers, and she stores skincare products close to one another.

3) Perfumes as display. If you pay attention to the beginning of the clip, Karen keeps her perfumes on display on top of her storage drawers. This is a great way to beautify the cabinets as most perfume bottles are so pretty which makes them perfect as decorations too.

Beauty Junkie Level 7: Zoe Sugg

Instagram: @zoella


Key Takeaways:

1) The importance of labels. When your beauty stash is as impressive as Zoe’s, labeling each drawer is key in saving yourself time in finding where your products are, whenever you need them.

2) Go with the flow. Zoe stores her products in a systematic manner, moving from foundations from the top left, to eye palettes to lip colours so the products needed for each makeup step will easily be within reach. And the last few drawers are where she stores her makeup tools like brushes and cotton pads.

3) More labels. If you notice, Zoe also colour codes each individual lipstick that she stores in her vanity table. This is to allow her to see clearly which colour family each lipstick belongs to without having to open each and every bullet.

Mother of all Beauty Junkies: Desi Perkins 

Instagram: @desiperkins

Key Takeaways:

1) You have to have a plan. When you’re dealing with such a massive amount of products like Desi, it is absolutely important to have a plan. Desi stores her products according to category, which means all the eye products go together, followed by lip colours, cheek products and finally foundation.

2) Keep things clear. Even though Desi keeps her dozens of drawers labeled, things can still get a little overwhelming when you have a mind-boggling stash like hers. To make everything visible in plain sight, Desi opts for clear organisers so she can see exactly what’s in each drawer.

3) Organise by brands. Take a close look at the contents of each drawers and cabinet and you’ll notice that Desi stores her skincare and makeup according to brand. This is particularly important when it comes to maximising storage space because each brand will tend to make products that are relatively uniform in size.