#1: Bold eyeshadow

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You may not use eyeshadows on a day to day basis but the best time to make use of that palette that has been stored way too long in your vanity is at music festivals. Accentuate your eyes with bold, bright shades just like this model.

#2: Fun eyelashes

beauty looks

Black and brown mascaras are great for every day but it’s time to switch those out with fun fake eyelashes. These purple coloured glitter ones are super festival-appropriate and pretty as well.

#3: Dye the top parts of your hair. Only.

beauty looks

A bun? Nah, too casual. A slicked-back ponytail? A little too sophisticated. So if you’re looking for something fun to play up your usual do with, try dyeing just the top parts of your hair. And don’t worry, you can always use a temporary hair dye for this.

#4: Coloured eyeliners

beauty looks

Using coloured eyeliners will definitely up the fun factor of your beauty look. Optional: drawing them in different shapes and sizes.

#5: Don’t paint your entire lip

beauty looks

Instead of applying your lippie all over your puckers, why not try this innovative method that’ll sure get you some eyeballs. C’mon, it’s a music festival. You should be having fun with your looks.

#6: A bright lip

beauty looks

But if you’re not so much into that, a neon-hued lipstick is perfect for Laneway.

Images: showbit.com

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