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The Beauty Mistakes To Leave In 2018 According To Doctors, Makeup Artists & More

The new year is just weeks away and besides clearing your vanity, throwing out old (or expired) products and booking your facial appointments for the festive season, it is also important to leave these bad beauty mistakes and habits behind. Ahead, we talk to doctors, makeup artists and industry insiders on the beauty no-nos to leave behind.

Jason Lee, Chief Makeup Artist (Hera)

“Firstly, avoid using the wrong shade of foundation or cushion product that is not accurate to your skin tone. I also recommend not applying too many eyebrow products as it may end up looking very unnatural.”

Brian Suh, Senior Vice-President and Research Director (Amorepacific Skincare Research Division)

“One of the things that many people tend to overlook is prevention over cure. Sleeping masks can help recover the skin but it is better to prevent your skin from being damaged before anything else. My tip: you should always be very conscientious when applying sunscreen and ensure that your entire face is covered.”

Dr. Low Chai Ling, Founder (SW1 Clinic)

“One thing that many people don’t realise is that when you’re young, you don’t really put sunscreen on your scalp because your hair acts as a hat. And one of the reasons that you lose hair is because of constant exposure to UV light. UV light damages the scalp so you need ti to protect it. We (SW1 Clinic) actually have two products — Guardian Angel and Body Guard. The latter is actually a hair and body wash that contains a sunscreen ingredient, which will bind ionically with the skin and give you an SPF 30 that is waterproof. It is invincible and you won’t feel anything too. It is super convenient and protects the skin.”

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