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Jason Lee, Chief Makeup Artist (Hera)

“Firstly, avoid using the wrong shade of foundation or cushion product that is not accurate to your skin tone. I also recommend not applying too many eyebrow products as it may end up looking very unnatural.”

Brian Suh, Senior Vice-President and Research Director (Amorepacific Skincare Research Division)

“One of the things that many people tend to overlook is prevention over cure. Sleeping masks can help recover the skin but it is better to prevent your skin from being damaged before anything else. My tip: you should always be very conscientious when applying sunscreen and ensure that your entire face is covered.”

Dr. Low Chai Ling, Founder (SW1 Clinic)

“One thing that many people don’t realise is that when you’re young, you don’t really put sunscreen on your scalp because your hair acts as a hat. And one of the reasons that you lose hair is because of constant exposure to UV light. UV light damages the scalp so you need ti to protect it. We (SW1 Clinic) actually have two products — Guardian Angel and Body Guard. The latter is actually a hair and body wash that contains a sunscreen ingredient, which will bind ionically with the skin and give you an SPF 30 that is waterproof. It is invincible and you won’t feel anything too. It is super convenient and protects the skin.”

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Youjin Choi, Makeup Artist (Hera)

“Some people who are not used to, or just started out applying skincare may layer several creams on their skin and when this happens, it might actually clog up their pores. This leads to unwanted breakouts, congestion and makeup does not sit well on the skin too.”

Dr. Yannis Alexandrides, Founder (111Skin)

“I think a lot of decisions women make about skincare are basically driven by marketing, which at times do not address the right problems for the skin. One of them is using too much makeup, which can isolate the skin, stop its renewal process and clog the pores. In addition, a lot of women who have specific problems do not seek proper advice from a dermatologist or a plastic surgeon and because of that, they tend to use a cream that is not appropriate for them. Lastly, many women do not properly cleanse and tone their skin. The cleansing of the skin is a very important step because it activates the skin’s microcirculation.”

Dr. Lam Bee Lan, Founder and Director (Ageless Medical)

“Skipping out on using a sunblock. Lights, technological devices and even the heat from the stove emit harmful rays and infrared light, which can damage the skin. Thus, it is important to use a sunblock that protects your skin from all the different types of harmful rays. I also feel that a lot of people only start aesthetic treatments when they are in their 40s and 50s, but I think it is important to start when you are young as there will be less damage control when you are older.”

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Han Woori, Makeup Artist (Hera)

“For eyebrows, many Asian women only use one colour and product to draw and fill them in. This actually makes it too waxy and looks too dark. For base makeup, some still choose the wrong (usually lighter) shade of foundation in attempts to look fairer.”

 Shinji Yamasaki, Founder (Re:Erth)

“People expect immediate results. It is important to know that skincare takes time and it’s all about consistency. Some skincare products take about a month or two for you to actually see results. Also, you should not use an exfoliator because you are essentially taking a layer of your skin off. Your skin is a barrier, it is designed to protect the other layers of your skin so if you take that top layer off, it means that you take that protection off and your skin will be on overdrive. This will lead to oilier skin over time and you are also opening up the possibility of uneven skin tone because your skin does not necessarily produce at the same rate. Some areas are going to heal faster than others and you’ll also have less protection from the sun. My tip: Just use a good cleanser.”

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Yuta-Sato, Global Makeup Artist (Three)

A lot of Asian women tend to pick the wrong foundation shade that does not match their skin tone. Many women in Asia also have a misconception of line and gradient. The more gradient (the use of softer strokes and colours) you have in your makeup look, the cuter, more youthful your makeup will look. The more lines (example: using a liquid liner to achieve a cat eye wing liner look) you have, the more elegant and sophisticated you look. So depending on what look you are after, it’s important to understand the different concepts of gradient versus line. Many women want to achieve a softer, more natural look but tend to draw lines and vice versa.”

Dr. Christine Choi Kim, Medical and Cosmetic Dermatologist (The Body Shop)

“I think following trends and using the hottest and newest products is a big mistake. Many automatically jump on board without really accessing if it’s right for their skin type. I’m guilty of it too sometimes but sometimes we just have to take a step back and be very intentional in trying to figure out what our skin type is and not follow trends all the time.”

Xenia Wong, founder (Sigi Skin)

Many people in Singapore have oilier complexions, which causes them to over cleanse their skin. You might actually be stripping off essential oils and causing an increase in sebum production.”

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