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Beauty News Of The Week: Sulwhasoo’s Spring Collection Is Its Prettiest Yet & More

ICYMI, we bring you the 411 of what's what in beauty right now. Sulwhasoo just launched its newest Spring collection, and more happenings below.
Girly girls are going to love Sulwhasoo’s latest Spring collection
The new collection was designed to spread the message of love, prosperity and happiness, and was created in collaboration with French atelier Antoinette Poisson. Both share the same vision of being committed to modernising traditional cultural heritage and making it more relevant for the younger audience. The collection features plum blossom and butterfly motifs to symbolise good fortune, which have been embossed on the product and packaging of the brand’s Perfecting Cushion EX ($80); Snowise Brightening Cushion ($85); Essential Lip Serum Stick ($50); and the Bloomstay Vitalizing Double Care Set ($237) that comes with the Bloomstay Vitalizing Serum and Bloomstay Vitalizing Eye Cream. Kat Von D Vegan Beauty Tattoo Liner turns 10
KVD Vegan Beauty has launched the Cat Eyes For All campaign, celebrating 10 years of the Tattoo Liner. The campaign features women of all ages and eye shapes, as well as its new face of the brand, Instagram-famous cat, @CobytheCat. Also featured in the campaign is KVD Vegan Beauty International Makeup Artist, Fanny Maurer, Asian model Chloe Nguyen and South-African model Carmen Lee Solomons, as well as a senior model Coleen Heidemann. The diverse choice of faces further cemented KVD Beauty’s holistic approach to makeup and beauty. Calvin Klein has just launched a genderless fragrance
Known as CK Everyone ($129), the fragrance is said to be a tribute to individuality and the freedom of self-expression. Master perfumer and creator of the iconic CK One fragrance, Alberto Morillas crafted the newest gender-neutral fragrance, which exudes a clean and fresh scent, all while using 79 per cent of naturally derived ingredients. The citrus fragrance is infused with zesty organic orange oil and paired with a blue tea accord, as well as a vibrant cedarwood base for a gender-neutral fragrance.  Charlotte Tilbury has an eyeshadow palette to match your eye colour
Known as the Eye Colour Magic Luxury Palettes ($92 each), the collection features four different shades and even comes with two different shades of eyeliner to complement the entire eye makeup look. Copper Charge, ideal for those with blue eyes, is made up of gold and copper hues while Super Blue (perfect for those with brown eyes) features deep blues and shimmering gold shades. Those with hazel eyes should opt for the Green Lights palette, which features olive and khaki shades while those with green eyes can opt for the Mesmerising Maroon.  If you’re looking for a skincare product to treat signs of ageing and brighten your complexion, Orbis has one to note
Named as the Wrinkle White Essence ($74), it is formulated with its key ingredient, W-Niacin, which is a derivative of niacinamide to boost collagen production to treat fine lines and wrinkles for plumper and smoother skin. Additionally, it helps to prevent melanin from transferring to the surface of the skin and reduces melanin buildup to treat pigmentation for a more even skin tone.