The Treatment

The 85-minute treatment starts with a thorough skin diagnosis so my therapist can better understand my needs and prescribe the proper treatments. Proceeding with a double cleanse, she then uses a low-frequency Aqua-Micro Jet System with a pen-like applicator that delivers powerful jets of fine mist and controlled suction to deeply cleanse my skin and remove debris stuck deep within my pores. I am then treated to a facial massage. A sheet mask, which has been soaked in the brand’s Specialised Serum (Moisturising / Brightening) to restore skin’s resilience, suppleness and youthful appearance, is left on my face for 15 minutes. During which, my therapist uses the same machine but with an EMS Technology together with LED light to enhance ingredient penetration, control excess sebum production and treat acne. Once done, I am treated to a relaxing scalp massage. The treatment ends off with basic skincare application.

The Verdict

This facial is peppered with massages throughout which made me feel very relaxed, and I love how my therapist also concentrated on cleansing and applying skincare products on my decollete and shoulders. My skin felt super smooth, soft and supple after the treatment and I noticed that it also appeared more radiant and less dull and tired looking. $108 Nex (#01-70 23 Serangoon Central), tel:  6238-6386