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Shinji Yamasaki, Founder (Re:Erth)

“A product that is easy to use for their skin type and gives multiple benefits. Asian women should also have a good sunscreen and a moisturiser that works in the environment they live in. For example in Singapore, it is humid and there’s lots of sun so you don’t want a heavy cream on your skin all day long as it’s going to stick to your skin. It’s just not practical.”

Dr. Christine Choi Kim, Medical and Cosmetic Dermatologist (The Body Shop)

“I would say a cleanser that’s effective, a moisturiser that is correct and ideal for your skin type and one that you will actually enjoy using and some sun protection.”

Dr. Lam Bee Lan, Founder and Director (Ageless Medical)

“A gentle cleanser, a good moisturiser and sunblock are three key skincare items that have to be included in your routine. These are the basics that are essential in achieving good skin.”

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Dr. Melvin Tan, founder (Epion Clinic)

“A good exfoliator that will remove dead cell buildup on the skin’s surface. This will prevent breakouts, lighten pigmentation, improve penetration of serums and restore radiance. A good broad-spectrum sunscreen to maintain youthful-looking skin is essential too. UVB rays (which SPF protects us from) affect the outer layers of skin and result in sunburn and skin cancers. UVA rays, however, accounts 95% of our sun exposure, penetrates deeply into the skin, damaging cells and collagen, leading to wrinkling.”

Dr. Low Chai Ling, Founder (SW1 Clinic)

Each of us should be using the gentlest cleanser we can find that our skin can tolerate. Every time we use cleansers that contain soap and SLS, we are damaging our skin as we are taking away the ceramides and essential oils and changing our skin’s pH to alkaline, causing a bit of inflammation every time we cleanse. The other two products will definitely be an eye cream and sunscreen. An eye cream is so important and it should be used at the beginning of your routine as it forms a protective barrier to prevent other active ingredients from penetrating into the skin around the eye that may cause damage and irritation. Sunscreens are also very important and if you have sensitive skin, I recommend you use one that does not contain chemicals.”

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