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The Beauty Products That Every Woman Needs, According To Experts

Decluttering your skincare and makeup collection should be a yearly practice. In the midst of clearing up, here are some key products you might want to take note not to throw out, according to experts, doctors and industry pros.

Shinji Yamasaki, Founder (Re:Erth)

“A product that is easy to use for their skin type and gives multiple benefits. Asian women should also have a good sunscreen and a moisturiser that works in the environment they live in. For example in Singapore, it is humid and there’s lots of sun so you don’t want a heavy cream on your skin all day long as it’s going to stick to your skin. It’s just not practical.”

Dr. Christine Choi Kim, Medical and Cosmetic Dermatologist (The Body Shop)

“I would say a cleanser that’s effective, a moisturiser that is correct and ideal for your skin type and one that you will actually enjoy using and some sun protection.”

Dr. Lam Bee Lan, Founder and Director (Ageless Medical)

“A gentle cleanser, a good moisturiser and sunblock are three key skincare items that have to be included in your routine. These are the basics that are essential in achieving good skin.”

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