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Will Beauty Refrigerators Change Your Life Or Are They Just Really Extra?

They make for a great shot for the 'gram and can hold a can - or two - of beer, but do our skincare routines really need to be stored in beauty refrigerators, or nah?

Any beauty obsessive who’s been on Instagram would’ve probably seen the purposefully taken shots featuring the latest – and buzziest – beauty appliance at the moment. Something that used to be spotted holding actual perishables now house our favourite things instead – beauty products. Case in point? The hashtag #beautyfridge has been used on 3,385 posts on the ‘gram at the time of reporting.

While these beauty refrigerators are undeniably adorable and novel in all their cotton candy pink (and lavendar, baby blue and mint green) glory, are they truly going to switch up our skincare games? Well, according to Beauty Fridge, they just might. These fridges reportedly keep our skincare and cosmetics fresher for longer. This is because the cold temperatures reduce the amount of harmful bacteria present and in turn, extend the shelf lives of our bougie creams. It also claims to do good for sensitive skin, as it’s said to calm, de-puff skin, soothe skin and tighten pores better than a room-temperature product can.

That naturally leads me to wonder, what exactly can be stored in a fridge? According to Founder and CEO Ilona Safonova of Makeup Fridge, she shared in an interview with an American magazine that while most products are stability-tested – which means that temperatures won’t tamper with its state – it’s still much more beneficial to store natural skincare products in a cooler environment as opposed to a hot one. Why? Because high temperatures and being exposed to direct sunlight causes these natural products to oxidise.

And it’s not just your skincare products that deserve a spot in a beauty fridge. Perfumes can be stored in them too, because the coolness in there preserves their perfumed notes. It prevents their chemical balance and quality from being disrupted by the unforgiving heat. It’s also great to keep facial tools like rose quartz and jade rollers in there to further relieve some tension and lymphatic drainage from the face.

Though you should be careful to keep your oil-based products and balms away from these fridges because these tend to solidify. It’s also important to keep in mind that exposing products to fluctuating temperatures can lead to the instability of the formula and do quite the opposite of good. That means that what’s refrigerated should stay refrigerated and what isn’t, shouldn’t be.

And as someone whose dermatologist instructs to always store her Dalacin T gel in the cool temperatures of a fridge, owning a miniature version in my room really saves me the hassle from making extra trips to and from my kitchen whenever I need it. Yes, because I’m lazy like that. Plus, using chilled products refreshes and calms the skin, whilst adding to the whole home-spa experience. And as a sensitive-skinned girl, my theory is that skincare products – like wine – are better served chilled.

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