anti-ageing facial

The Treatment

This 60-minute treatment is comparable to a pampering facelift for your Brazilian area. It starts off with a Brazilian wax followed by a 30-minute treatment where my therapist uses a Thermal O2 Technology machine, which combines radio frequency, vacuum suction and heat, to boost collagen and elastin production to firm and immediately tighten the area. During the treatment, she rolls the applicator around my delicates and I felt a warm, sucking sensation that’s painless. She then applies the Rose Bud mask, which is formulated with hyaluronic acid and rosehip oil to give a cooling sensation, to moisturise and firm skin at the Brazilian area. She leaves it on for 15 minutes. To end off the treatment, my therapist applies a hydrating Thermal O2 cream onto my stomach and uses a medium applicator with back and forth motions that supposedly helps to emulsify fats and tighten up the area for 15 minutes, before removing the mask.

The Verdict

I was a little apprehensive at the beginning of the treatment but my therapist was very accommodating and assured me throughout the process. The pain was bearable during the Brazilian wax and the treatment after was rather relaxing. I also noticed immediate results – my Brazilian area was a lot smoother, rosier and firmer. $250, Strip Paragon Shopping Centre #05-08A and Wheelock Place #05-04, tel: 6733-0069

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